"Workamping" is a term coined by the owners of a a website and publication called Workamper News. Since 1987 they have been matching RVers with employers that need services.

Visiting Workamper News is probably the one thing that we did that gave us the confidence to really believe we could earn a living on the road.
What was it about Workamper News that helped calm my fears?

Well, until I discoverd that site, I thought we had absolutely no choice but to figure out a way to 1) earn money on our own via our own entrepreneurship, or 2) fill out applications and submit resumes in the traditional way, hoping for a position.

Visiting Workamper News told us that there are lots and lots of people living an RV lifestyle that need to work on the road. It was nice to know that there are many others in our shoes.

Also, knowing that there is a company specifically set up to match RVers with jobs was extremely comforting. Workamper News knows RVers and their needs, and the employers that advertise with them also know RVers.

So, there's no need to explain to an employer that we would be temporary, to explain why our home address is out of state, or to explain our entire educational and work history.

Whether or not we would ever use Workamper News, the fact that it exists relieved a lot of anxiety for me.

Of course, we have used Workamper News, and we believe so much in their services, that we are now an official Workamper Concierge. That means we are well-schooled in Workamper News Memberships and our readers can use our Concierge Code upon registration to get a little bonus.

Let's delve into this Workamping thing a bit more.

What is Workamping?

What are the types of jobs available?

What kind of commitment is required?

How much can I expect to earn?

What if I just want to volunteer for a campsite?

What are the Pros & Cons of working for pay vs. volunteering for for a site with no pay?

What are the tax implications of workamping?