We Are An Official Workamper* News Concierge

As a Workamper News Concierge, we have a special code if you decide to sign up for a Workamper News subscription. To find out more about what is included in a Workamper News membership, keep reading.

For those that already understand the memberships and just want to get to the sign-ups, Click Here!

Let's take a look at the memberships available.

NOTE: All the original memberships were whittled down to two memberships in September 2016. But the memberships changed again in 2019 and now there are four. So, if you had been looking at Workamper News prior to then, memberships and pricing have changed as indicated below.

Here's a quick summary of the changes:

  • There is now a FREE "Intro" membership that includes an online version of the most current issue of the Workamper News Magazine.
  • And now there are three paid membership options: Gold - $19.95/year, Diamond - $47.00/year, and Platinum - $67.00/year.
  • Check out the table below which provides a comparison of the memberships.

  • So, what are our recommendations?

    Well, if you are a full-timer or expect to be a full-timer and intend to work on the road a few to several months each year, we would recommend the $47.00/year DIAMOND plan. It gives you the best combination of the best benefits and includes the Awesome Applicants Resume Builder which is a worthwhile upgrade from the GOLD plan.

    The Awesome Applicants Resume Builder not only gives you a roadmap to building a resume, but you can customize your resume and have it sent out to employers directly and automatically. And every time you update your resume, a new notification goes out to employers (if you choose).

    In our opinion, the PLATINUM plan's additional benefits at $67.00/year doesn't offer enough additional value to justify the extra $20 a year.

    Of course, if you are not sure about all this, then certainly try things out with the FREE INTRO plan. We don't think there are enough extra benefits of the GOLD plan to go that route, especially in the beginning.

    Note: We are a Concierge of the Workamper.com website, and we do earn a commission if you happen to sign up for a paid plan using our Concierge Code. But we've been recommending these plans long before we were ever a Concierge, and we still will even if they end the program.

    Are you ready to sign up?
    If so, here is the link to the page that walks you through the sign-up process and shows how to take advantage of our Concierge Code: Signing Up For Workamper News.

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