We Are An Official Workamper* News Concierge

As a Workamper News Concierge, we are able to offer RV-Dreams readers a promotion code to get a two-month extension on a Workamper News subscription. To find out more about what is included in a Workamper News membership, keep reading.

For those that already understand the memberships and just want to get to the sign-ups, Click Here!

Let's take a look at the memberships available.

NOTE: All the memberships changed in September 2016. So, if you had been looking at Workamper News prior to then, memberships and pricing have changed as indicated below.

Here's a quick summary of the changes:

  • The prior paid Basic, Bronze, & Silver memberships have been eliminated
  • There is now a FREE "Intro" membership that includes an online version of the most current issue of the Workamper News Magazine.
  • The only paid membership is the "Gold" membership and its annual subscription price has been reduced to $47 (or $39.95 for the "green" version with no printed magazine)
  • Check out the table below which provides a comparison of the memberships.

  • With the recent membership changes, I scrapped the details I had on this page.  However, I will soon be re-writing the rest of this page and providing details of the major benefits set forth in the chart above.  

    Also, I'll provide my opinion as to the best benefits and whether the free "Intro" membership or the "Gold" membership is best for you.

    Are you ready to sign up?
    If so, here is the link to the page that walks you through the sign-up process and shows how to take advantage of our Concierge Code: Signing Up For Workamper News.

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