Welcome To The RV-Dreams Family Map Feature!

We stumbled onto this software program that allows all of our RV-Dreams Family, our website visitors & Journal readers, to tell us where they are.

So take a minute and add yourself to the RV-Dreams Family Map. Who knows, you may meet a new friend or find a neighbor with similar interests!

And just because the default map view shows only the continental United States, don't think it is off limits to our other friends in Alaska, Hawaii, and across the world. Anyone can plot their location and all can be seen with just a mouse click or two. So join your fellow RV-Dreamers and plot yourself!

Tips Everyone that signs up will see a confirmation screen that says "Thanks! You have been added to the map." At the bottom of that box is a link that says "RV-Dreams Family - Edit Map Entry". Right click on that link and add it to your Favorites so that you can edit your entry later.

This will allow full-timers to plot new locations as they move and will allow others to make changes to "comments" or otherwise edit their entries.

For those that entered an email address, you should also get an email with an additional link that will allow you to edit later. Be sure to save that somewhere in case you need it later.

Of course, you can always email us and we will help you with any issues. The webmaster for the Map is very responsive and helpful.

We hope you enjoy being a part of the RV-Dreams Family and getting to know others.