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"Howard and Linda, The community you have created is one of a kind. It is made up of folks, starting with you two, who show integrity, responsibility and respect. It is a place to learn and grow. One can ask a question on the forum and get intelligent answers, unlike other full-time forums, where you may get many different comments and still don't get the answer to the question. It is a group of like minded folks who have come to feel like a family. The fact that you are putting together the Rally is icing on the cake. Thank you for creating this “family” and for all the time consuming work you both put into this project. We look forward to meeting you in Branson."

Dan and Karon Saunders
Fulltiming Class of '04 from Little Rock, AR
RV-Dreams Rally '08, Branson, MO

"Inspiration is what the two of you have given us and that means quite a lot for us in the RVing world out there. It is the best website so far that I have found on the internet. The whole community that has been built up here is like a "big family". Knowing that help is here for all issues....thanks Howard and Linda for creating RV Dreams."

southwestjudy & Bob & 2blackdogs
Judy & Bob & 2blackdogs

"Howard and Linda I have gone into many, many web sites such as yours and I can say they "DON'T HOLD A CANDLE TO YOU". I have picked up several good tips from the forum section and that is not the case in other web sites. I have deleted the other sites since they don't help. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy your journals and the wonderful pictures. I look forward to them just like a child looks forward to Santa arriving."


"Hi Howard and Linda, The three replys above us have said it all for us. I can say "Ditto - Ditto - Ditto". We have totally enjoyed the site and the info for us will be invaluable when we can finally Get Goin' in two years. Thanks for all you do! It's the best site out there! Also, try out the new Chat Room and see how much fun it is. Thanks again."

Ken & Barb Pace

"Howard and Linda,

I want to thank you for creating and maintaining your wonderful web site. The site is a wealth of information on so many RVing subjects. I refer to the forum on many topics, and always learn something new as I read the postings of your very knowledgeable readers. Your daily journal is a highlight of my morning with the amazing pictures and your sharp wit. You two are a credit to the RVing community, and are appreciated so much for the amount that you give back to all of us. Keep up the great work."

Ed Yurs

"Dear Howard & Linda,

Nine or 10 months ago Sandy and I rekindled an old idea and decided to become full-time RVers in September of 2009. In a few days the idea became a dream and we are now actively working to pursue that dream. Early on in our quest for information (like two days) we found your website. We were astounded at the wealth of information and the honest and open approach you use in sharing so much from your own lives about finances and more. We continue to learn from the thoughtful responses to questions we have posted as well as those presented by others. The RV-Dreams website has become a daily destination for me. And even though we are still wannabees I know there is a warm and welcoming community of friends out there who will take us under their wings once we "jump on the bus" and begin to experience first hand this marvelous life style.

Keep up the excellent work. You and Linda are a positive influence in so many lives. Thanks for giving up that old lifestyle to experience the new one."

George & Sandy Stoltz
aka: foxriverguy

"Hi Howard and Linda, When I first found about a year ago, it was by far the best site I had run into for wannabes. Your openness, and the detail you provide are by far the best I've seen anywhere. Since then as the community has continued to grow it has become even more than a site for wannabes... Even an experienced RVer can pick up more than a tip or two here. You guys need to write a book. It would rapidly become one of THE books to have. In the meantime, anybody who is interested in the RV lifestyle needs to bookmark your site and come back often!"


Tim Fansler

"Started planning to full time just this past fall, so that for me meant lots of research and thinking especially on the internet. Your site was one of the first I found and I have read every entry and will continue to do so. Lots of good information and friendly people. "I'm addicted."


Donna Stenger

"Howard and Linda - We have been seriously researching the web for our re-entry into the life style of full-time RVing, and have found your sites to be the most intelligent, comprehensive, and informative ones currently on the internet. Your openess and amazingly accurate coverage of the expenses, and the ins and outs of such a life-style, is refreshing. As a result you have obvously attracted like minded individuals, with similar values, to your sites. Marie and I look forward to meeting you two, and your growing legion, on the road and at the First Annual RV-Dreams Rally in June 2008."

Bob and Marie Rogers (Coyatee)
Valley of the Little Tennessee

"I first became interested in Howard and Linda when they were featured in the Courier Journal, Louisville, Ky. about their lifestyle change. We were living there at the time. It was a dream that my husband and I had been thinking about for several years but didn't really know how to go about it. We didn't know any other fulltimers to talk to. I started following them daily and learned so much and continue to learn through the forum. The financial section was very helpful and it was so easy to set up our budget by using theirs. The thing I appreciate so much is their honesty and their commitment to all of us. There have just got to be days when writing the journal is a struggle but it is always there. Any time I have asked a question on the forum, I always get several quick intelligent responses. We have been full timers since Sept. 2006 and couldn't be happier about that decision. changed our lives and I am so glad we are a part of the family. Thank you"

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!
D, B & H

"One of the most sincere forms of flattery is to be used as a reference for others to emmulate. As a testimonial to your website, Howard and Linda, anytime we get questions about this fulltime lifestyle we are leading, we simply send folks to your website. We tell them that, as far as we are concerned, there is no better place to find answers or to get a real "feel" for the joys and benefits of fulltiming. There is not a "one size fits all" answer to give everyone, but your site and your style seems to best decribe what it should be all about. Thanks to both of you for the time and effort you are putting into this. We continue to be amazed as to the growth and development you all have accomplished with the site."

(Don & Alice Faye Turney)

Find us: #3964
2002 Mt. Aire/towing '02 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

"Howard and Linda,

My wife Linda and I have been RVing since the mid-1970's with everything from a pop-up trailer to a Class A motorhome. It's in our blood, but until we found your website we never gave much thought to the full-time RV lifestyle.

Well, after immersing myself in your journal we have come to the conclusion that this is the lifestyle we want, even if it is a little late in life. We've been retired (early) since 2001 and did the traditional move to Florida and bought a condominium to get away from the cold Midwest.

So, many thanks to you both for your fantastic journal which has been an inspiration to us as you travel the country doing what you want to do where you want to do it. We hope to join you by next year at the latest and for sure we plan on being at the first ever RV-Dreams Rally in Branson next June.

Thanks for being such great role models for a wonderful and fulfilling lifestyle!"
Bill and Linda

"Howard and Linda -

As a reader from the early days of your adventure, I have enjoyed all the daily stories, words of wisdom, and tidpits of information - RV and non-RV.

You guys are truly the Rock Stars of RV websites.

See you in Branson June 2008."
Cardinal John
Ellisville, MO

"Linda & Howard, I first heard about from a new friend just about a year ago. We were not fulltiming then, and actually hadn't made the decision to full time yet. My husband and I had just retired and were on our first trip as retired folks.

I found your site and started reading the journal entries from the beginning. I was pretty impressed with your nerve, making the decision to go full time without ever setting foot in an RV! I also confess to thinking you were pretty full of yourself, giving advice when you'd hardly started your adventure. But my opinion changed as I got to "know" you better and my respect for both of you has grown almost daily.

We started our own fulltiming adventure just a few months ago, and reading your daily journal has become an important part of my day. We've taken your advice on both the Pressure Pro tire monitoring system and contacting Miller Insurance Agency to obtain our fulltimers policy. We trust your knowledge and your wisdom.

I've looked at a lot of other fulltiming web sites and forums. I agree totally with the other folks who have posted that this feels like a family. You've created a really special community and I totally appreciate the way you keep it friendly. Thank you for all the work you do every day to make this web site a place I don't want to miss!

I am so glad you're planning the rally, we are really looking forward to meeting you and all the other community folks!"

Sincerely, Ellie
Ellie & Jim,
36' Fleetwood Bounder (Gas) MH,
06 Saturn Ion,
2 Miniature Schnauzer "kids"

"I forget how I ran across the RV DREAMS website, but I remember reading the first few entries about the trials and tribulations of the decision to fulltime, then I was hooked. The articles posted were like reading a suspense novel with a chronological plot leading to Howard and Linda's moving into their new Cambridge fifth wheel. The postings were real and meaningful as they revealed all the emotions and trials of their experience. Just by reading the story of their journey to fulltiming, I know what my wife Cheryl and I are going to experience in our journey. Thanks to Howard and Linda, we will be better prepared to make the journey ourselves. Thank You Howard for your insightful, detailed and honest style of writing about your real life experiences. Thank you Linda for your outgoing personality and providing an emotional and sensitive insight into your new lifestyle. .................... Don and Cheryl Catoe"
2002 29' Prowler TT pushing a 2002 GMC 2500HD "BIG RED"

"About three months after Linda and Howard had started their blog, I was searching for answers to "Our Dream",,,,, the prospect of a full time RV lifestyle and a simpler life.

Mostly researching the financial aspect, everything that I had discovered was so outdated that our "Dream" was getting buried in doubt. Statements like "you're going to spend just as much or more" or "it's a great lifestyle if you can afford it" - these entries were made when gas was under a buck!

I kept reviewing what I was spending each month on the house alone, and had almost given up on the "dream" ,when one day, while surfing the web, I stumbled upon this "" blog. Howard is hilarious, he has that wonderful gift of writing things down that connects to your soul, like most great authors have, I was hooked.

Within a few hours I had read everthing Howard and Linda had posted about this bold new adventure they had decided to take. I was left wanting more.

The "real people" factor was addicting, I could relate to almost everything H & L were doing, having been on that hamster wheel for over thirty years. Cindy and I had lost touch with each other, our kids were grown and had long since moved away to start their own lives. The process never changed, we woke, we dressed, went off to work. The only time we actually enjoyed ourselves was on the few vacations we took.

After reading the "" daily journal, and relating its content back to my dear wife about how "we" need to start dating again, get rid of all this stuff, and get back to a simple life with each other.

I cant begin tell you how much the open, and honest, no frills answers Howard and Linda have provided has helped us decide that what they are doing "is" the the right thing for us.

Thank You for being YOU, Howard and Linda, you two have helped me re-connect with my best friend."

"HONEY" whats that noise ???
Ken and Cindy
'99 Georgetown class A gas.

"In November 2005, we were in the searching stage of RVing, when we saw Linda and Howard's website address in another RV forum. I only read about 2 hours of the very beginning of their journal and was hooked. It took 2 weeks of reading every word, and we learned so much. They add new articles and ideas all the time, which are very high class and quite informative. I can't wait to meet Linda & Howard on the road along with so many others from the forum. The journals are enticing and the photos are spectacular. I tell everyone about the site. The details and descriptions are very clear and anyone can understand them such as the "what state to choose as your homebase".

I rate this site #1+."

Jim & Denyse

Howard and Linda, Mega Dittos to all the above comments. I wanted to full time for years, but I thought it was only for people who had to travel because their career would not let them be at home or retirees. I'd been looking at RVs etc. since 1999, and one day I stumbled across your site. I was "hooked" from the start when I read your story about leaving the "rat race", chucking the societal pressures and expectations, all the considerations you both had to deal with and the final leap into fulltiming.

You started this wonderful site and have been an encouragement to those of us likeminded folks who, thanks to your hard labor, have realized this is possible! Your candor about what the lifestyle is and isn't, earning a living on the road, expenses, insurance, repairs and so on. All the folks on this site are like a family! This is truly a place of friendship and respect. The encouragement, answers to questions, and all the hard work you two have put into this site are invaluable! And the family's participation is invaluable as well! I'm looking forward to the Rally in June! I'm in my mid forties and God willing will be visitiing this site for a long while. Thank you both so much! You really should write a book!"

1997 Winnebago Vectra Grand Tour 7.4 290hp Chevy Vortec SFI.
Focus Toad.

"I too cannot remember how I first came across, but we had just began full timing and it was just about the same time they did. I was immediately captured by Howard's straight forward style and their experiences and emotions seemed to just parallel our own. When we returned from our first foray into the full timing lifestyle to sell our home of 35 years, the emotions were running very high. Just to know that others were feeling the same emotions seemed to help some how. Coping was made a little bit easier. Thanks Howard and Linda. Reading your journal and visiting your web site have become daily rituals, not to be neglected."

Full timing since 1/1/2005
American Tradition & Ford Sport Trac

"Well, it seems that just everything that could be said has already been said. Let me just add our thanks to all the rest. I found your site by asking a budget question on the Escapee's forum and someone there pointed me in your direction. After reading for a little while I knew that I had to read from the beginning so I figured out how to go all the way back to day one and totally enjoyed every minute that I spent reading your journal. We had toyed with the idea of extended traveling and were going to sell out here after I retired and find a homebase somewhere but after we read your journal, we decided to put the money in the bank and go full-time. If and when we ever get tired of it we will pretty well know where we want to settle down. We can't say enough "thank yous" for all of your hard work and research on the many subjects related to full-time RV living. We hope to be out of here in time to attend the first rally in Branson. Wish us luck in the rapid sale of our home. The garage sales have begun. To all of your other readers, we hope to meet you all someday somewhere. Please don't ever stop your writing, Howard."

Thanks again,

Ray and Barb

"Howard and Linda: The work that you put into the financial end of full timing has been really helpful to us. After reading your infomation we realized that we could make it happen. The personal touch that you lend to your replies has really impressed my wife and I. The forum is very informative and the people on it have been a big help to us. Thank you for all of the effort that you have put into RV Dreams."

Dennis and Cherry
1998 Prowler 34 5Y
1997 F250 Power Stroke

"On behalf of all the RVers that are thinking about going Full-timing, I want to say Thank you!!

As you can see from our signature, we have been Full-timing for quite a while, and I only wish there could have been a web site like this when we were trying to figure out how to go about it.

At that time, there were only a few good web sites about Full-timing, and only a few good books. We did as much research as possible, and then finally "closed our eyes and dove in". Boy, it was scary!!! We didn't know if we had enough money to sustain the lifestyle, we didn't know what to expect after we got out on the road, and most of all, we just plain didn't know what we were doing!!

The information on RV Dreams is invaluable, and the people and the attitudes on the forum are just great!

Keep up the good work, and maybe from time to time, I can help answer some questions that come up.

Thank you again, Jim
Jim and Linda
Full-timers since 2001
1992 Beaver Marquis MH
May your days be warm, and your skies be blue. May your roads be smooth, and your views ever-new."

"Howard and Linda,

You two are the best friends we have not met (yet). Both my wife, Marti, and I really appreciate all the time you've selflessly dedicated to creating a truly unique RV resource. I've been an RV website junkie for about a half dozen years now, advidly absorbing all kinds of information that others have shared.

You, however have blown them ALL away!!! RV-Dreams is the most informative, best laid out and in depth RV resource...and also is the MOST fun!!! You continually develop new and exciting features, and to take on a Rally, WOW!!! It is a labor of love that you so freely give to others.

You are the poster children for everything that is right about America. The wildlife, the scenery, the sunsets and the friendships you have created. Too often, life runs you over and you miss the beauty of this wonderful planet and the great folks that live on it. Thanks for helping us reconnect with nature and good people.

I can't thank you enough for your total transparency into your life on the road, we've found your budgeting information most reassuring as we look to hit the full-timing lifestyle soon. Nothing is off limits, your trials, tribulations and successes you openly talk about, to paint a true picture of a lifestyle of full-timers.

Dreams can come true, Howard and Linda, you've proved it! You are the "Pied Pipers", leading many others to live their own RV dreams.

Best Regards!
Paul D
2007 Winnebago Journey 39K, Cat C7
2003 Honda Element 4WD Toad"

"In spring 2006, there were several major life events that caused Ken and I to start seriously considering ‘recreating’ our lives. Although only 49 at the time, I was totally burned out from 30 years in high-tech corporate management. I knew that I was not going to hold out another 16 years until normal retirement age and really craved a vision of our future that was free from business travel, long work hours and the day-to-day stresses of the corporate grind. Call it synchronicity if you like, but late one night, one click lead to another which lead to .

I was hooked. I had found kindred spirits. The Payne’s came from the kind of life my husband and I are living now and moved to the lifestyle of our dreams. The best part is, that they are doing so, with such transparency, that those of us wannabee’s could feel we’d found a sanctuary where we could learn honestly and openly from the voices of experience.

Howard and Linda, and those that frequent their forums are a unique family on the web. Howard controls the site content very well and the participants all feel comfortable sharing lessons learned and providing advice. I’ve never once encountered rudeness, sarcasm or any ugliness in responses from the participants in this website.

One of the reasons we are attracted to the RV lifestyle is because of the type of people that you find living it. Nobody cares whether you are a millionaire or dead-broke, a Harvard graduate or a high school drop-out. You can share a campfire, a drink, stories and just enjoy the good life together. Rv-dreams seems to be a virtual community of that same type of people.

At the beginning of 2006, we had no idea if the RV lifestyle was for us. In spring 2006, after reading about it on one of Howard’s journals, we decided to sign up for Life on Wheels, in DesMoines, to delve more deeply into the idea of an RV-focused early retirement. After meeting all the awesome fulltimers at that conference, we got serious about our RV search. I’m happy to say, largely due to the help of people like those frequenting Rv-dreams we are now the proud owners of a brand new motorhome, have set a retirement date (albeit 56 months away – and counting!!) and with the help of our RV-dreams family, are testing out our RVing skills on frequent short trial-runs. Meanwhile, we are also laying out a long-term transition plan, all of this with the help of some ‘virtual hands to hold’ in the Rv-dreams community.

The gamut of info we’ve gotten from rv-dreams ranges anywhere from how to set up our own blog site so our family and friends can follow our adventures (, to how to figure out impact of early retirement on future social security, to options for extending our freezer space. The list of ideas we are using from the site grows every day.

In fact, this is such a unique community of experienced full-timers helping wannabe full-timers that the wannabe’s often ask questions I hadn’t even considered yet, so even we wannabee’s are helping each other!

The rv-dreams family continues to grow and Howard and Linda continue to find new ways for us to interact. I’m thrilled there will now be rallies and online chat so we can all get to know one another even better.

Thanks so much, Howard and Linda. Be assured what you are doing with is ‘life changing’ for people like us!"
Ken and Cindy
Sox and Ditka, Shiba Inus
2007 382DS Sportscoach
2004 Jeep Unlimited
Come visit us
"Change your thoughts and you change your world"....Norman Vincent Peale

"It was August of 2005 and we were just "thinking' about the possibility of fulltiming. We read about a couple that had just started fulltiming and would be in the Birmingham area so we decided to ride over and visit with them.

We met Howard and Linda at the Oak Mountain State Park in Alabama in August of 2005. We talked and asked many questions and shared many thoughts and feelings. I was especially impressed with Linda's take on the emotional side of fulltiming. Up until that moment most people made you think you were not committed if you had any emotion toward leaving the traditional lifestyle. Not Linda, she was honest.

We followed their journal and their adventures and began to plan our own fulltime adventure. We were very excited and shared with them our excitement. We purchased our motorhome and even took on a hosting position in October of 2005.

It was at this time that our lives fell apart. We had to put our plans on hold and go back to our "sticks and bricks" to work out some things with our son. We even had to sell our motorhome.

We continued to follow Howard and Linda and even stay in touch with them. They continued to be such a bright spot in our day. Some days it was the only bright spot we had. As long as we could follow their journey there seemed to be hope for us.

This wonderful couple made a stop at FDR State Park in April 2006 on their way through our area. This was the park were we had hosted earlier. They invited us to come visit them while in the area. We sat and visited with Howard and Linda that evening and I know they saw the pain in our eyes and hearts. They allowed us to express what we were going through and they listened with their hearts.

What a wonderful evening that was for Mike and I. There are no words to describe what it meant to us. They cared!

We knew when we left them that evening that we would one day return to the fulltime lifestyle. We had a long road to travel before that would happen for us.

Howard and Linda, thank you for that visit at FDR! Thank you for caring enough to listen. Thank you for your journal and the inspiration that it has brought into so many lives including ours. We might have given up if it had not been for your inspiration. Thank you for allowing us to call you our friends.

It has been a long journey for us but last weekend we purchased another motorhome and in October 2008 we will join you as fellow fulltimers.

Thank you!"

Mike and Gerri Jones

"We were just two green RV newbies, bumping along on the road of this new life about 2 months when Howard and Linda wandered into our lives in April ‘06. Unlike many of you wannabees, gonnabees or soon-to-bees, we had not come across the RV-Dreams website during our planning. We did not know them or know of them. What a pleasant serendipitous event. We had no idea then, what it would grow into.

Because we’re not naturally social RVers, had it not been for them, I don’t think we would have become part of this amazing RV community. And actually it is so much more than a community. It really is a just a big wonderful family. We will always be grateful for all the new readers you brought to our blog. We have made some fine friends as a result.

Howard, you have truly found your calling. I have never seen anyone pour so much time, effort and love into something with no expectation of return. Every time you add something new to your site I think of all the work it is for you, but how much more you give to us.

And Linda, you may be behind the scenes on the website, but I know you are the front “man” in real life. Thanks for birthing my interest in birding. Thanks for validating my feelings and fears as we travel through this life. Individually, you are both great people, together you are synergy.

Keep it coming."

Jo and Fred

"I've only been reading a little of the site but so far the info has been awesome!!!

I wish I had come across it sooner. I know a gal who is starting her 'full-timer' life very soon I can't wait to send her your URL!

Thanks for all the great info."

Echo Seymour

"We are "summer full timers" since 2002. As a non-residents [living in Isarael], we cannot get a staying permit longer that 6 months. We would love to become fulltimers but must take full advantage from what is possible.

We love your website, the thorough information, the decision-making and the straight forward logic. I have sent your website link to some friends hoping it will help them make decide.

Regards and hope to see you down the road one day.

Danny & Shula

Cruiser 29"+3 slides 2006 F-250 1994 ,turbo diesel, 7.3Lt."

"Howard and Linda,

I came across your website a few months ago and have spent my time since then reading over your journal from the very start. Today I finally made it to the current day. I have found it to be very interesting, as I am in a situation not too different than yourselves before you started. I have found that you have put a voice to many of the thoughts I have been having over the past few years.

In addition to that, I have also enjoyed living vicariously through your travels. I decided a couple of years ago that I would like to full time once I retired. I came across your website as I looked around on the web for information about RVs and the lifestyle. I am very excited to launch into that part of my life, though I am still many years from being able to retire.

The information you have provided has shown that I can do this much sooner than I had thought. I have several things that I need to address before I can look seriously at pursuing this dream, but that is what I am focused on now.

One of the very important lessons you have helped me with is to share more of myself with others. Seeing how open you have been, and seeing the overwhelming response to that has helped me to open up more with the people in my life. I have already seen the benefits of this. I thank you for providing a fantastic example of this to follow.

I look forward to following along as you continue to live the life and provide insightful perspectives along the way. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with the rest of us."

Tom Kretzler
Kent, WA

"Wowzer, I found your site about a month ago, and started reading every post in your blog from the beginning. Did you know that 4 year's worth figures out to reading about 50 posts a day!?! I just finished and caught up to speed.

What a wonderful journey you have taken us all on. Thank you for your detailed descriptions of everything you two have experienced, admired, explored and overcome. What a team!

I had added a few posts to the forums and showed up in chat now that I know it's evenings for the best time to catch folks in the room.

We are planning our full-timing in 3 years. We have the rig already, and go most every weekend we can. Right now we are sitting in a campsite surrounded by tall pines... peace and quiet.. in the Wisconsin Northwoods."

Karen and Steve

"Hi Howard & Linda,

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoy your site

I have recently come to the decision to sell all (well most) of my stuff, my house and take up RVing full time. Funny thing is, I never would have been able to consider this without Dave Ramsey.

I saw that you guys follow his advice too and I see how you got where you are. Little did I know I was about to begin the same journey.

I've known I would change jobs as soon as I paid all of my debt (I'm on the final one now). What I didn't know is that I would totally change my life.

Believe it or not, this is the third life changing event I've experienced in less than 3 years. The first was a motorcycle accident in August 2007 which left me with a broken pelvis, a broken rib, two broken wrists, a concussion and some really nasty lacerations on my head. I should be dead but I survived.

I really feel like that was my second chance and I'm doing everything I can to "go for it." Dare I say, it's the best thing that ever happened to me?

The second life changing event was when I found Dave Ramsey in April 2008. I paid off most of my debts, including the $2,700 that I still owed on a totaled 5 week old Harley by July of 2008. I've been working on the final debt, a home equity loan that is less than half of my yearly income for the past year. I've had a number of setbacks related to owning this house that have kept me from making better progress.

And now, a few days ago I realized that this house is more of an albatross than anything and the only thing holding me back from seeing America and communing with nature with my dogs. I realized that if I sell the house and most of my stuff I will have enough money to pay off my remaining debt, pay off my house and buy a decent RV of some kind (still working out that part) plus have an emergency fund.

By the time I found your website I was totally psyched and amazed at the similarities in our thinking (selling the house furnished). I know some people will think it's crazy but it's the sanest idea I've ever entertained. I know it's right for me. I grew up with nature and I love the simplicity of camping.

I've been trying to regain that simplicity for a very long time and now I know how to go about it. Thanks for being there first and taking the time to write about it and acknowledge all of the crazy feelings, thoughts and emotions that go into it. You guys are definitely an inspiration. Hope to see you on the road one day!"

New Jersey

"Howard & Linda,

After reading your journal for the past 6 months I feel like I have known you guys for years. Your daily excerpts of living full time on the road and living the dream have answered a lot of questions and created several more personal ones. (Those I will have to answer on my own.)

My wife and I have plans to go fulltime and it started with our 10 year plan in 2000. That year we bought a 27-ft TT camper and parked it in our private campground located in Front Royal, Virginia. Living about four hours away from the North Fork Resort”we have experienced the trial without having to sell everything to go. Also the campground was neutral ground for family get-togethers. That worked great for us, and we still meet family at this location.

I also interviewed several full timers that were staying in the campground and got as many different opinions of full timing as I did interviews. Most of the ones I interviewed were in Motorhomes, which was the direction we were planning to go. Until we had a couple from Canada pull in to the site next to ours in a fifth wheel and we watched them set up. After watching their set up and having a short conversation with them, we started thinking about a 5th wheel for full time.

I came across you website last year looking for a check-off list, and started to extract just the information I was concerned with at the time. A further curiosity just reached out and grabbed me as I would read this or that from the journal. This led me to the point of starting from the beginning of the journal so I didn't miss any idea that you may have slipped in.

Your style of journal keeps the reader wanting more and causes the reader to hang in there for the next adventure, hike, or trip down the road your guys make. I especially enjoy your entries about this and that happening and your opinions about the event. But the photos really put an exclamation point to enjoy the complete experience.

As we get closer to our start date, your information on your web site has been extremely educational. The best information is the emotional turmoil that one goes through to make the decision of divesting our things and downsizing.

Thank you for your detailed information on the economic budget and expense layout for every day living. This has opened my eyes on what to plan and budget for the day-to-day and emergency situations. I was glad to see your travels head to the east coast with a rally, and I am trying to work it out on this end to attend."

Chesapeake, Virginia

"Howard and Linda,

Hello from Canada. We are writing to commend you both on the great work you have done through your Website. You have been incredibly unselfish and generous with information and advice about RVing et al. The knowledge and experience you have shared with us visitors/fans can all but reduce any fear of the dark side (imagined or not) of RVing - and allow us to focus on the enjoyment we all hope for, and dream about.

We are in the initial planning stages of our own great escape/adventure. You cannot imagine the boost in confidence and excitement we have experienced by visiting your website. I might add that you have most likely given back years to our lives. This not an understatement!

It saddens us to think of all people who have had this dream and never got the courage or insight to pursue it, or did so and failed - that's until arrived on the scene. Thank you for the peace of mind - it goes a long way in undertaking a full-time RV adventure - and achieving that true freedom and purity of life for which it is intended.

Thanks again, Bernie."

Bonnie & Bernie
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Howard and Linda,

Thanks to finding your website today, I can breathe again. I can also get excited again about our plans for full-timing in the near future. We, like some many others, are wanting to get out of the traditional grind of life and are going to follow our dreams.

That doesn't say there haven't been the freak-out moments. But, moving forward, I will be visiting your site for the encouragment, as well as having all the informative tips that will help along the way.

Thanks so much! It is truly the best website for RVing that I've found.

Happy Trails - shal"

Shalmarie Wilson

"In coming to this site, we feel like we have come "home", by realizing that there are SO many others out there just like us...intelligent, fun-loving, yearning to be free of debt and materialistic habits while living and in some cases, working on the road, while seeing sites we'd never see by never leaving home, and meeting people we'd never meet while sitting at home in our arm chairs or in front of our computers.

There is something about this life that draws certain kinds of people. Some do this by sailing or traveling and living in their boats. Some hike through Europe. We like the fact that we can go from coast to coast in our travel trailer and live a life that some only dream about, and you, Howard, and you, Linda, have been so great in putting all of this information together as a guide to we wishers or newbies and even seasoned rvers. Best website out there for this type of thing. Thanks so much."

Jeannie and Rick Miller

"Thank you for the time you have invested in producing this site. We are in process of restoring a 40 year old Travco and your section on wiring has cleared the air and given me a solid plan from which to succeed the first time out on getting it right. Again thank you and keep up the excellent work."

Ed & Vickie

"Howard and Linda,

We just discovered your web site while looking for fulltiming advice, well we surely hit the mother load. We hope in the next few years to hit the road ourselves. We too have a fifth wheel camper 40' Victory Lane (toyhauler) by Thor Industries and a Freightliner FL60 to tow it. Your web site is such a wealth of infomation, nowhere have I found such a detailed blueprint of the dream of fulltime rving. It is my wish to thank you and your wife for sharing your rv adventures and maybe some day our paths will cross out on the road."

Happy Camping John & Karla Suffolk, Va

"Upon joining your site a few weeks back (hubby has been following it for over a year)I have spent all of yesterday and last evening-reading your journal-every single entry from the day you decided to full time until your day of departure. Getting ready to do likewise I have been totally overwhelmed and extremely nervous. Having lived my life totally structured, the not knowing (future), and the prep work involved, has me half crazy. Instead of finishing up the painting in our main bath (prepping house for eventual sale)..I sat engulfed in your journal until 1am this morning, thinking the painting will wait for me.

Upon getting up this morning it was a mad dash to the coffee pot, hit the button, get the dogs out for their morning business, and grab the laptop, which I left open on your site all night, so I wouldn't lose my place.

You both amaze me..and even in my infantile stages of preparing I know I am experiencing some of your past prep experiences and feelings. We four seem to have some things in common...we have a business to close or sell-which is eating me up night and day due to worrying about our staff-we have two vehicles up for sale-and a home that encompasses over 3300 square feet, sitting on 2.5 acres of land. I have a local online selling site loaded with 'stuff' for sale.

The stuff is a little difficult for me-and I am not even into the depths of it all yet. Wondering how I can rid myself of the 'stuff' that I've spent so many years collecting.

Your venture and website has provided me excellent insight. It has also provided me a calm and peace I did not realize or think I would ever experience this early in the game.

Because of you folks, here I sit smiling, after helping hubby move an upright deep freeze upstairs from our lower level because someone is coming to purchase it...humm wonder if I can upsell while they are here.

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! both for sharing your experiences..We plan to use your site as reference during our total "getting there" process. It has now become our bible to progressing to our fulltime lifestyle. Every time I feel 'stress' or 'fear' of the unknown I will venture back to your stories - which will remind me "we can do this".... Take care and safe journey to you both!!!

Your RV Dreams is PERFECT!!!"

Elaine & Rick Cochrane

"OMG what a great site. Thanks you so much for all your knowledge on living this lifestyle. You gave us so much hope especially your actual expenses, budget sheet - SUPER. All the articles were so informative - who knew about workamping - not me. It is certainly a great option for those who want to venture into that area.

We are so excited and looking forward to "our day"."

Jean Young

"Found your article while surfing the net looking for 411 on RV electrical. Thank you very much for this information. My wife and I just purchased our first RV, albeit an oldie we hope it's a goodie! I know absolutely nothing, zilch about all the inner workings of rv'ing. We are picking up our 83 Minnie Winnie tomorrow and will be staying in an rv park here locally where we reside full-time for a month while our house is being renovated. Your information will surely come in handy and thanks again!"

Rick Scott

"I am considering the purchase of a vintage Class A and while I have extensive automotive wiring experience, I have limited knowledge of RV power requirements and circuit design. Your electrical system write ups are the best online source of what I need to know. Very well written, easy to follow and you cover the gamut from the practical basics to the concept of phasing your upgrades - something very relevant to me and undoubtedly countless others. Excellent job!"


"Wow!!! We can see why there is such a huge amount of praise out there for this website. We just began perusing the information and have already found some very valuable tips. We are heading on our second go-round for full-time RVing. We did it in the early 2000s for several years, bought a home, and now this year we will be back to full-timing in a few months and very excited about it.

We always found the individuals we met along the way to be friendly, helpful and just plan nice, down-to-earth people. What a refreshing idea to have it all in one place and be able to connect with like-minded individuals. Looking forward to perhaps meeting some of you in the very near future."

Fred and Rosana Halprine

"Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you both for your great website and SOOOO MUCH great information and motivation. My husband and I are in a similar situation as both of you were with jobs, etc. In our situation, I am the one making the triple digit salary and for the last year of our lives, my husband has been worried, stressed and lying awake at night wondering how we will ever exist on our 401 and Social Security while paying a mortgage, property taxes, etc.

We bought an RV 3 years ago and both LOVE it and go to bluegrass festivals frequently but aren't in a position to go full-time. After researching your website we have now decided to start staging our plans and in five years will be hitting the road full-time! We will be selling the house and unloading everything and starting a new phase of our lives.

I can't tell you what a great weight has been lifted to know that the house, everything will be gone and taken care of, and we will finally be able to enjoy this country and so many of the great people who also enjoy this same way of life! With God's help, we will be attending your spring rally to start getting some great info, but you already have your website packed with great reading so we can begin. We will have to purchase a trade-up for an RV and probably a newer model truck in a few years, but by 2017-2018, we'll be on our way!

I am psyched!!! Thank-you again and PLEASE keep updating and giving us your experiences and help along the way. For those of us just finding this website it's extremely beneficial!!! Take care and God bless!"

Marianne Fisher

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