RV-Dreams & RVSEF

On June 2, 2011, the RV Safety & Education Foundation (RVSEF) issued a press release announcing a partnership with Linda & I here at RV-Dreams.com.

We have done RV lifestyle seminars for the last couple of years at the RVSEF Lifestyle Education & Safety Conferences. We are proud to be a part of RVSEF's efforts to continue to build on their mission:

"Mission Statement"
RVSEF is dedicated to providing professional and objective RV education with a focus on consumer safety and lifestyle enhancement.

This new partnership is an unbelievable honor and we are excited to be able to add the RVSEF's prominent, nationally known Weighing Program to our own rallies and in conjuction with our travels as full-time RVers.

Hopefully, we'll be in a campground or at a rally near you, and we can get your RV weighed to provide you with the information you need to travel as safely as possible.

For More Information On Weighing Your Rig, Click Here