RV Weighing Information

RV-Dreams family members, Shane & Jami Hess, are a weighing team for the RV Safety & Education Foundation. They will be attending the 2015 RV-Dreams Family Reunion Rally and will be offering RV weighing services on arrival days, Friday, May 22 and Saturday, May 24.

The weighing fee is $60 for a motorhome or a truck/trailer combination. You can weigh an additional vehicle for $20. Payment arrangements will be made directly with Shane & Jami.

To sign up to have your RV weighed, please complete the form below. Shane & Jami will then contact you before the Rally and send you a "Homework Sheet" to be completed in advance. They will also discuss payment options with you at that time.

RV Weighing Sign-up

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Note: Shane & Jami have to leave early to weigh RVs at another rally, so they will NOT be weighing any rigs on the way out.