RV Owners - Have You Considered Renting Your RV?

Though RV-Dreams is a website geared toward full-time RVers who either live or plan to live in their RVs, most RV owners only use their RV a few weeks each year.

RentWizard is the new website that allows RV owners to list their RVs for rent.  The intent is to be the leading website for "peer-to-peer" RV rentals in the new "sharing economy".

In reaching that goal, RV owners will get tremendous exposure and have the opportunity to earn some nice income or at least defray part of the costs of RV ownership.

So why would an RV owner want to rent their RV? There are a few reasons.

  • Most RVs sit unused for most of the year just depreciating in value
  • Renting your RV during the unused periods can bring in some significant income or at least cover some of the costs of ownership (especially if the RV is financed)
  • Once you are in the business of renting your RV, there are some significant tax deductions that can be used to offset other income and reduce overall tax liability - most people don't understand how big of a deal that can be (I've looked at some of the tax laws, and while it can get complicated, there are particular provisions that make renting your RV very attractive)

So why use RentWizard?

  • RentWizard has a unique Tax Deduction Estimator and Rental Income Estimator that helps RV owners see the potential benefits

  • RentWizard will be launching massive media campaigns giving RV owners wishing to rent their RVs more exposure than ever
  • RentWizard facilitates the connection between renters and RV owners and handles all the payment processing
  • RentWizard allows RV owners to set their own pricing, rental periods, rental restrictions, insurance requirements, and more - the decision as to whether to rent or not rent is all up to the RV owner
  • RentWizard fees are reasonable at $199.90 per year plus a service fee of 15% (marketing, payment processing, security) of the total rental - the service fee can be built into the owner's pricing to get to the "net" rental they want
  • RentWizard does not charge renters a service fee, so that potential barrier to a rental transaction is eliminated

Think you might like to learn more?  Check out the FAQs for RV Owners on RentWizard.com.

And if you decide to rent your RV, use our

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Make your RV work for you!!