RentWizard Ambassador
Income Opportunity

RentWizard is the new website that intends to be the Uber of the RV rental world.  It provides a place where private RV owners can list their RVs for rent to other private individuals.

RentWizard is seeking Ambassadors to help promote the brand and website.  They need rental listings, and they have developed a pretty nice compensation plan for those that are looking to make some extra money. 

This opportunity is for everyone, but it is especially suited to those with more knowledge about RVs than the general public.

Why is being a RentWizard Ambassador such a unique opportunity?

  • Four ways to earn money
  • Get in on the front end of a new "sharing economy" company
  • No selling
  • One-year money back gurantee

What does an Ambassador do?

Simply promotes RentWizard to RV owners by providing them some literature so they can check out the RentWizard RV rental platform.

Oh, and an Ambassador also talks to others about becoming an Ambassador.

When you sign up to become an Ambassador, you are sent an Ambassador Kit that includes over 500 pieces of promotional material to hand out.

It's just about getting people to go to the website to learn about the benefits of renting their RV or becoming an Ambassador.  The website does the convincing.

What are the four ways to earn money?

  • Commissions on RV rental listings
  • Commissions on actual rentals when one of "your" listings rents their RV
  • Commissions on sign-up fees when others use your promo code to sign up as Ambassadors
  • Renewal commissions when "your" listings AND when "your" Ambassador referrals renew.

How much can you earn?

Well, it depends on how much you promote RentWizard.  Though there is no "selling" involved, the more people you touch, the more opportunity there is for commissions.

  • For each RV owner that lists their RV on RentWizard for $199.90 and uses your Ambassador Promo Code, you earn 40% or just under $80.
  • When one of your RV Owner's rents their RV, you earn 5% of the total RV Rental.
  • For each Ambassador that signs up using your Promo Code, you earn 40% of their $199.90 fee (again about $80).
  • RV Owner Rental Listings and Ambassador Fees are both $199.90 each year, and for every annual renewal, you earn 40%.

Why is it important to get involved now?

Well, RentWizard hopes to be the Uber, AirBNB, or VRBO, of the RV rental industry.  They are poised to spend millions in advertising and are just now testing their message in major markets.

They are new and don't have nearly the number of listings yet to meet their goals, so the opportunities to get listings and other Ambassadors will never be better.

At some point, they will cut off listings in certain markets so those markets don't become oversaturated which would be harmful to the RV owners looking to rent.

And they will only be recruiting Ambassadors for a limited time.  At some point in the future, they will no longer sign up Ambassadors.

How can commissions be earned without "selling"?

Well, RentWizard believes that the website will do the selling, so they only need Ambassadors to help get people to the website.  There is no requirement to "sell" anything, and they are adamant that it's not the Ambassador's job to convince RV owners to rent their RVs if that's not something they want to do.

However, just talking to people and handing out literature is a form of selling.  And simple percentages dictate that you have to talk to a lot of people to get the listings you want.

What's this one-year money-back guarantee?

Well, to be an Ambassador, you have to pay a subscription fee of $199.90 which gets you an Ambassador Kit which includes an abundance of promotional materials.  To remain in good standing which is required to receive commissions, the fee is due every year.

However, if you decide that the Ambassador program isn't for you, you can simply call and get a full refund with no questions asked as long as it's within 365 days of your original sign-up.  You get a return authorization to return the unused materials from your Kit, and once the Kit is returned, your sign-up fee is credited to your account within 14 business days.

How do Ambassadors get paid?

Commissions are paid by direct deposit immediately as soon as a commissionable transaction is complete.

What happens if an Ambassador doesn't renew?

If an Ambassador terminates in the first 365 days (taking advantage of the money-back guarantee), or doesn't renew, all commissions cease.  You have to continue to pay the annual subscription fee to remain in good standing and receive commissions.

If you terminate, RentWizard then donates all commissions that would have been due to you to a charity. This is done to avoid the perception that Ambassadors are recruited with the expectation that they will terminate and commissions won't have to be paid.

We signed up to be an Ambassador based on the low risk, my research, a long conversation with RentWizard's founder, and a gut feel that the time is right and there is some nice income potential.

Check out and if you decide to sign up to be an Ambassador, please use our 

Promo Code - DREAMS

and you will get an extra six months (18 months vs 12 months) before your next subscription payment is due.

If you have any questions, please email us at