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Welcome To Our "Preparing For The Dream" Page

This is your starting point for information to assist you in your preparation to go on the road. Some will have already made the decision to full-time, while others visiting this site will still be researching and trying to make sure they have as much information as possible in making the decision.

Hopefully, this series of pages will help answer a lot of questions. Financial aspects are also part of preparation for the road, but because they are so important in making the decision, they are handled elsewhere on this website. Go to the Financial Information page for links to other pages to help with putting finances in perspective.

Now let's look at RV Types, RV Clubs, Selling Your House, Choosing A Home Base, and the often overlooked Emotional Aspects of Going On The Road.

The RV Types page includes:

  • A brief description of RV types
  • Photos of RV types
  • Pros & Cons of RVs most often used by full-timers
  • How we decided on a fifth wheel
    You may also want to check out our Should You Rent an RV? page and our How About an RV Caravan? page. Both options are ways to try out RVing if you have little or no experience.

    The RV Clubs page includes discussions of:

  • Factors to consider
  • RV Clubs & Associations
  • Campground Memberships
  • Discount Clubs
  • Owner's Clubs

    The Selling Your House page includes:

  • A discussion of whether or not to sell your house
  • Things to consider when selling your house
  • What to do with your stuff
  • Our experience selling the house

    The Choosing A Home Base page includes:

  • Convenience considerations
  • Income Tax considerations
  • Property Taxes & Vehicle Registration considerations
  • Cost of Insurance considerations
  • How We Made Our Choice (For Now)

    The Emotional Aspects page includes discussions of:

  • Leaving family & friends
  • Leaving a community
  • Selling your home
  • Getting rid of possessions
  • Leaving a traditional way of life
    We have found that the emotional aspects of changing lifestyles are often overlooked or not discussed in literature or on the web. We try to address those feelings with the sensitivity they deserve.

    Finally, educate yourself as much as you possibly can. Read books on full-timing, search the web for full-timer forums, websites, & blogs.

    So you don't have to go very far, we have our own RV-Dreams Community Forum. And on that forum is a sub-forum listing over 40 of our RV-Dreams Community Member Blogs.

    In our opinion, there are two main things to understand. 1) Never rely on a single source of information as there is no right way to full-time, & 2) You don't have to know it all - RVers are the finest people in the world and they will help you along the way.