Welcome To Our Favorite Full-Timer Links!

The Links below will take you to other full-time RVer websites. The websites range from full blown informational sites to simple journals, and blogs. They vary as to the length of time they have been up, the levels of experience, and the writing styles. But they are all helpful in their own respects and they allow you to gain a broader perspective of the lifestyle.

Just don't forget about us!!

The Master Of Full-Time RVer Website Links

Ron Bunge's site contains the most comprehensive list of links to full-timer websites on the internet. He and Terry also include their own adventures, so you can tag along. Plus, Ron is a great guy. He emails us from time to time and has provided lots of advice and support.

We won't even attempt to include the numbers of links that you can find on Hitchitch - at least at first. Starting out we will limit our links to those sites we feel will be most helpful to our visitors and to those sites started by our visitors.

Our Visitors With RV Websites

Jack & Danielle Mayer
Jack & Danielle started full-timing in 2000. Jack is THE Jack that I often refer to in our Journal entries as our tech advisor or mentor.

Their website has two main topics: 1) The use of a Heavy Duty Truck (HDT) for hauling an RV, and 2) The design and installation of RV electrical, solar and associated systems.

Laura & Rich Oullette
"The Bag-It Tour! Ever dreamed of "bagging" it all and going on the road for a year...or more? Well, we did, starting around October 5, 2005."

Don & Alice Faye Turney

Billie & Johnny Wadsworth