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What Is Full-Timing & Who Are Full-Timers?

The goal of this page is to do more than just define Full-Timing. We will do that too, but our primary purpose is to provide some insight into the Full-Timing lifestyle.

What Is Full-Timing?

Definition: Full-Timing is living 365 days a year in an RV; Having an RV for a home.

Now that the basic definition is out of the way, let's explore the lifestyle a little further by looking at what it is and what it is not.

Full-Timing is an opportunity to:

  • Simplify Life
  • Live Economically
  • Enjoy The Moment
  • Linger In Beautiful Places

    These ideas together create the dream of life on the road. Time pressures and money pressures, while not eliminated, are greatly reduced. This frees Full-Timers to do what they want when they want to do it.

    Full-Timing is not:

  • A Permanent Vacation
  • A Second Honeymoon
  • Complete Privacy
  • An Escape From Responsibility

    Full-Timers have days that are filled with routines and chores just like those in fixed dwellings, and those little things that nag you about your spouse seem far more annoying in those first few weeks in your significantly smaller home.

    Also, Full-Timers need rather large rigs, and campground owners, much like subdivision developers, tend to want to squeeze as many profit making sites into one place as possible. So, those wide open spaces and campground sites you see in advertisements may be the exception more than the norm.

    The good news is the chores do not have to be done by a certain time, you get used to the close quarters, your neighbors are temporary, your neighbors are the best neighbors you have ever had, and your responsibilities are focused on you rather than on deadlines and obligations for someone else.

    Who Are Full-Timers?

    Currently, there are thousands upon thousands of Full-Timers on the road (some people report over a million). Though statistics show that the majority of them are retired couples over the age of fifty, the demographics are changing rapidly.

    Singles, couples, and families of all ages and income levels are giving up their traditional lifestyles to hit the road. Many Full-Timers have been RVers or campers for years before going Full-Time, but more and more people are becoming Full-Timers with no RV experience whatsoever - like us.

    Intrigued? Want to explore further? Let's see if Full-Timing is something you want to pursue. Click on the link below.

    Full-Timing: Is It Right For You?