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Is The RV Dream Right For You?

This dream page is really what this website is all about. This is where our passion surfaces.

We want our visitors to look deep inside and really consider whether a major lifestyle change is an option. This site is worthwhile if we are able to help people change their lives and pursue their dreams.

But first we have to determine if this lifestyle change, living 365 days a year in an RV, is right for you.

Many people have dreamed of RVing full-time for years and years. On the other hand, many folks, like us, never even considered living in an RV. But it just might be that this lifestyle is what unlocks the door to the pursuit of the passions and dreams that are in the recesses of your mind.

Are Your Dreams Compatible With The Full-Time RVing Lifestyle?

First, let's answer a few questions about things most RVers seek when they decide to go full-time.

  • Do you love travel?
  • Do you love nature and the outdoors?
  • Do you love meeting interesting people?
  • Do you love the thought of becoming closer with your loved ones - the ones you would travel with?
  • Do you love the thought of simplifying your life?
  • Do you love the thought of having the freedom to follow your passions?

    If you answered "no" to two or more of these questions, your dreams probably are not compatible with full-timing.

    Are YOU Compatible With Full-Time RVing?

    Now, if you have determined that the full-timing lifestyle is something you desire, let's see if you are right for it. Full-timing is not all fun, excitement, and adventure. There are many aspects that are just like everyday life and there are some negatives that need to be considered.

    Let's answer some more questions.

  • Do others consider you to be flexible?
  • Do others consider you to be patient?
  • Do you and your potential traveling companions really, really get along and like each other? (I know you may be family, but this is an important soul-searching question.)
  • Do your potential traveling companions share your dreams?
  • Do your potential traveling companions share your desire to live on the road?
  • Are you or can you be in the financial position to live on the road?
  • Can you fix things on the fly? (That was my weakest area, but it didn't stop me.)

    Well? How do you feel after those questions? Hopefully you answered "yes" to most if not all of them.

    If not, we may never see you again. If that is the case, thanks so much for stopping by, and we do hope you will come back if things change.

    If you are intrigued, then let's continue the journey and look at some additional considerations.

    What If You Have Never RVed Before?

    This is not a question to be taken lightly. It is quite risky to jump into RVing full-time without testing out the lifestyle. Although most full-timers continue on long after their initial "try-out" period, there are numerous stories of brand new RVers hanging it up the first year or two.

    Now we are an example of non-RVers who just went for it, and it has turned out that we were right in thinking we would take to the lifestyle. So, having never stepped foot in an RV does not necessarily mean failure. But experience can certainly give some individuals a clear picture of whether or not they can full-time.

    If you have never RVed, before you sell everything to go on the road, consider renting or borrowing an RV a few times. You may even want to purchase a small, used RV, but keep in mind you will likely want something more livable if you decide to full-time.

    These are just suggestions - since we didn't follow our own advice, we can't say trying out RVing first is an absolute must. :)

    To Follow the RV Dream, What Are My Financial Considerations?

    What Other Preparations Are Necessary To Full-Time?