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Camp Creek State Park, Camp Creek, WV - November 2010 (Second Visit)

North Bend State Park, Cairo, WV - April 2010

Camp Creek State Park, Camp Creek, WV - April 2010

Journal Site 163: North Bend State Park - Overall Rating: 8.0

Dates: October 27, 2010 - November 1, 2010
Location: About 7 miles south of U.S. 50 in Northwest West Virginia. There are two campgrounds - River Run & Cokeley. The River Run Campground is located within the main park while the Cokeley Campground is located in a separate recreation area to the east. Neither is particularly easy to get to. For River Run, we recommend using State Road 31 from U.S. 50 to Cairo and then follow the signs to County Road 14. Both State Road 31 and County Road 14 are narrow and windy. There is one really sharp hairpin turn on CR 14. To access Cokeley Campground, I'd come in from Ellenboro taking State Road 16 to Harrisville. SR 16 turns into Main Street and then North Bend State Park Road. Again, care must be taken for large rigs coming in from either direction.
Our Site: 23 - River Run Campground
GPS Coordinates: 39.22508N, 81.10322W - River Run Campground only
Reason Selected: Looked like a nice state park choice within our usual travel distance as we left Ohio and headed into West Virginia.
Setting: The River Run Campground sits down in a valley along the North Fork of the Hughes River. It's a mile or so into the park on a road that is narrow and curvy with quite a downhill grade. It's wooded by not densely wooded. Several sites back up to the river.
The Cokeley Campground is more big rig friendly and sits in an open area on a bluff above the North Bend Lake. There are no trees in the campground but there are groves of trees around the edges and between the campground and the lake so the lake isn't really visible.

Guidebooks: None used.
Big Rig Friendly: Both campgrounds are big rig friendly once you get to them. But getting to them is a different story. Narrow, curvy roads with some blind spots. If driving a motorhome, we'd recommend disconnecting the toad in Cairo or Harrisville and let the toad run interference and guide you in. Perhaps not necessary, but that's what we'd do. :) Fortunately, the roads are pretty good and there is very little traffic.
Hook-ups: River Run has 30 amp electric only. You can take on water on the way in to the electric sites loop. And there is a dump station as you leave the campground. Cokely has water and electric at the sites. Most of the sites have 30-amp electric, but a few sites on the inner part of the circle behind the bathhouse have double 50-amp service. There is a dump station outside the campground loop.
Laundry: None at River Run, but there is at Cokeley.
Price & Discounts: $23 for electric only at River Run. $26 for water and electric at Cokeley.
Other Factors: There are several hiking trails accessible from the River Run Campground. Also, you can ride your bike from the River Run Campground to the North Bend Rail Trail (70 mile rails-to-trails bike trail). Very, very peaceful campground. River Run has a few sites that are satellite friendly, but Cokeley is much more open for satellite. The website is okay, but has limited campground info. The River Run bathhouse is old and buggy, but we've seen worse. The Cokeley Campground and bathhouse are just a few years old. The bathhouse is supposed to be very nice, but the campground was closed when we were there in October. Workampers and employees were very nice. $4 for a wheelbarrow of firewood. Lots of birds and wildlife. There is an IGA in Harrisville for groceries.
OVERALL RATING: 8.0 (out of ten)
We were shooting for the Cokeley Campground, but we didn't realize it had closed at the end of September. So we ended up in River Run by default. After visiting both, we determined that we like River Run better. It had more character, backed up to the river, and had better access to hiking trails and the bike trail. Cokeley had better lake access, water and electric at the sites, a new bathhouse, and was more big rig friendly, but we still preferred River Run. The river sites certainly have the "it" factor for us. The ONLY reason I can't give North Bend a higher rating is because of the accessibility - those roads are just too narrow and curvy to get to the park comfortably. But we'd still go back. :)

North Bend State Park

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Journal Site 152 & 164: Camp Creek State Park - Overall Rating: 8.0

Dates: April 14, 2010 - April 17, 2010 AND November 1, - November 3, 2010
Location: About 2 miles off I-77 Exit 20 in southern West Virginia.
Our Site: 8 - Mash Fork Campground (both times)
GPS Coordinates: 37.50142N, 81.13818W
Reason Selected: Looked like a nice state park choice as we made our way through West Virginia on our way to Kentucky.
Setting: The campground sits down in a valley between the West Virginia mountains. Several sites back up to a babbling brook (Mash Fork).
Guidebooks: None used.
Big Rig Friendly: A little dicey getting from the interstate to the campground. The country road is narrow with some potholes and low hanging branches. It just requires going slow and being cautious. Once in the campground, there is more room to maneuver.
Hook-ups: 30 amp electric and water at the seven sites on the inner loop. 30 amp electric only at the other 19 sites. There are a couple of spigots on the campground road to take on water. Dump station is located outside the campground on the way out of the park.
Laundry: Washer and dryer at the bathhouse.
Price & Discounts: $23 for electric only. $26 for water and electric
Other Factors: Mash Fork and Camp Creek within the park are stocked with Rainbow, Golden, and Brown trout. There are two waterfalls within the park. The park is adjacent to Camp Creek State Forest which has lots of hiking trails. The bathhouse is old. About a third of the sites are satellite-friendly. Volunteers were very nice. Website is okay. There is a Super Walmart about 11 miles away at Exit 9 on I-77.
OVERALL RATING: 8.0 (out of ten)
We really liked Camp Creek. The campsites didn't quite have the "it" factor, but they were close. We're glad we stopped and we would definitely stay there again (which we did). If the bathhouse had been nicer or the road getting into the park would have been better, we might have given it a higher rating. Actually, after visiting again and having been on some worse roads, we did bump it up half a point. :)

Camp Creek State Park

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