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Here you will find reviews of campgrounds in which we have stayed in the state of South Carolina.

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The reviews you find here will be from most recent to oldest since the older the review, the less relevant it may be. The "Overall Rating" is on a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the best.

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Modoc Corps of Engineers Campground, Strom Thurmond Lake, Modoc, SC - November 2010

Cheraw State Park, Cheraw, SC - November 2010

Private Community, Lake Wylie, SC - November 2010

Willow Tree RV Resort, Longs, SC - April 2010

Shuman's RV Park/Campground, Canadys, SC - April 2010

Journal Site 168: Modoc Corps of Engineers Campground - Overall Rating: 9

Dates: November 22 - November 29, 2010
Location: On the Strom Thurmond Lake on the South Carolina/Georgia border about 20 miles north of Augusta, GA on U.S. Hwy 221.
Our Site: 22
GPS Coordinates: 33.72073N 82.22055W
Reason Selected: We love Corps of Engineers Campgrounds and I found this one as a good stop on our way to Florida for the winter.
Setting: Wooded campground with finger "loops" jutting out into Strom Thurmond Lake, a huge Corps of Engineers project lake. Many of the 69 sites are waterfront and most of those that aren't have lake views. The campground sits back off U.S. Hwy 221, so road noise isn't bad. However, train tracks parallel Hwy 221, so there is occasional train noise, though not too bad.
Guidebooks: None used.
Big Rig Friendly: Yes, but ... the campground is sort of inconsistent as to which sites a big rig will fit. Some sites are HUGE but many are curved pull-throughs. In some cases they aren't long enough and in some cases the arc of the curve is too sharp to easily maneuver a big rig in or out. But there are plenty of big rig sites available.
Hook-ups: Water and 50-amp electric in most sites. However, sites 1 - 15 are older with only 30-amp electric. There is a dump station on the way out.
Laundry: There is a washer & dryer in the campground.
Price & Discounts: $22 per night; Half price for those with America The Beautiful Senior or Access Pass.
Other Factors: Lovely waterfront and lakeview sites. Some sites are set up with three to five sites within a spur off the main road. Some of those sites are a little tougher to access than the ones on the main road. Sites 29 - 32 are out on a point and fantastic (as long as the wind isn't howling). Site 8 is the best of the 30-amp sites. Site 11 is the one and only site without any hook-ups - it sits out on a point by itself and is a great boondocking site for $16 per night. Some of the sites are closer together than other COE campgrounds, but they are all still better separated than most private RV parks. There are four "loops" as follows: Sites 1 - 19 have a bathhouse with showers and a playground; Sites 20 - 43 are on the main road with a bathhouse with showers; Sites 44 - 59 have no bathhouse, just pit toilets; Sites 60 - 70 have a bathhouse with showers. Newer bathhouses are better than the older one which is quite buggy. Can launch canoes/kayaks from many sites, or their is a boat ramp inside the campground. Staff is friendly. Rooftop satellite can be tough depending on site choice - Site 22 works. There are openings in the trees for tripods on some other sites.
OVERALL RATING: 9.0 (out of ten)
This is a great campground with lovely sites. With our site, we gave it a 9. It could be a 9.5 in some of the best sites or it could drop to an 8.5 in others. Site 21 next door to us was rather close, but our door and awning opened out to the lake and gave us great privacy on that side, so it grew on us. we checked out a few other state park and COE campgrounds on the Georgia side of the lake, but we didn't see anything we liked better than Modoc (some COE campgrounds were closed for the season) for the price. We launched our Foldcat inflatable fishing pontoon from just below our site and we enjoyed our evening campfires with our lake view. This campground certainly has sites with the "it" factor. :)

Modoc COE Campground

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Journal Site 167: Cheraw State Park - Overall Rating: 8

Dates: November 15 - November 22, 2010
Location: Just south of Cheraw in north central South Carolina on U.S. Hwy 52.
Our Site: 13
GPS Coordinates: 34.63986N 79.89419W
Reason Selected: Looked at this state park back in early 2010 for its golf course, lake activities, and nature.
Setting: Small wooded campground on 300-acre Lake Juniper. Woods on one side, lake on the other. Six sites are waterfront and the rest have lake views.
Guidebooks: None used.
Big Rig Friendly: A little tight for big rigs to go around the camping loop, but there are sites to accommodate big rigs.
Hook-ups: Water and 30-amp electric. One-way dump station on the way out of the campground.
Laundry: None.
Price & Discounts: $16 plus tax per night.
Other Factors: Lovely sunsets. Small campground with only 17 sites, and some are a little close together, but it's certainly not a parking lot type situation. Bathhouse is clean and not as old as some state parks we've visited. Park has a really nice golf course, a nature trail, a mountain biking trail, and canoe/kayak rentals. Can launch canoes/kayaks from campground or boat ramp just outside the campground. Staff is friendly. Rooftop satellite isn't likely, but there are a few openings in the trees for tripods.
OVERALL RATING: 8.0 (out of ten)
Although this is a small campground and the neighbors are a little closer than we'd like, it is very quiet and there are lake views from every site. The waterfront sites definitely have the "it" factor as do a few of the other sites. We enjoy the nature activities and the golf course doesn't hurt. :)

Cheraw State Park

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Journal Site 166: Private Residence - Overall Rating: N/A

Dates: November 11 - November 15, 2010
Location: In a private, gated community on Lake Wylie in northern South Carolina.
Our Site: N/A
GPS Coordinates: N/A
Reason Selected: It was on our way and we were invited.
Setting: Parking lot next to tennis courts in a quiet neighborhood near a highway.
Guidebooks: No factor.
Big Rig Friendly: Sort of. Not very level.
Hook-ups: None
Laundry: None
Price & Discounts: Free!
Other Factors: N/A
OVERALL RATING: N/A (out of ten)

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Journal Site 150: Willow Tree RV Resort - Overall Rating: 9.5

Dates: April 4 - April 13, 2010
Location: About 8 miles northwest of North Myrtle Beach near the North Carolina border off state highway 905. The address is actually in Longs, SC although the resort is a few miles outside of that little town.
Our Site: 21 - One of the best sites in the campground, if not THE best
GPS Coordinates: 33.98046N, 78.70697W
Reason Selected: Held the 2010 RV-Dreams Rally there.
Setting: Rural RV resort. Thinly wooded sites next to a 36-acre lake. Nothing around to complain about.
Guidebooks: None used.
Big Rig Friendly: No problem for any rig or combination of vehicles.
Hook-ups: Full hook-ups with 50 amps.
Laundry: Nice facility with multiple washers/dryers.
Price & Discounts: Prices range from $26.50 a night for a "value" site in the off-season to $93 per night for the best lakefront sites in the peak season. Too many in betweens to mention. Check out their
Rate Page
Other Factors: Some of the biggest, most well-spaced sites we've ever seen in an RV park. Private bathrooms/showers that are kept extremely clean. Large pool with hot tub. 36-acre lake for fishing/boating. Sandy beach on the lake. Fitness room. One-mile paved trail around the lake. Nature trail. Several satellite-friendly sites. Good website, but they have been messing with it lately and it loads very slowly as of this writing. Staff is friendly, but very business-like. Though not an issue for us, there is no cable TV and we heard lots of complaints about the Wi-Fi.
OVERALL RATING: 9.5 (out of ten)
This will most likely be the highest rating we will give an RV park. Of course, we may have had the best site in the resort. :) But seriously, Willow Tree is what I would want an RV park to look like if I was building one. And we really liked the quiet, rural location. If I were rating the entire place based on our site alone, it might have gotten a 10, but since there are a limited number of lakefront sites and there are isues like the cable and Wi-Fi, we took off a half point.

Willow Tree RV Resort

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Journal Site 149: Shuman's RV Park/Campground - Overall Rating: 6.5

Dates: April 1 - April 4, 2010
Location: About three miles east of I-95 Exit 68 in southeastern South Carolina. Across the road from Colleton State Park.
Our Site: ???? - Didn't see any site numbers. We were in the back where those staying more than one night are parked. Overnighters have a few pull-through sites near the entrance.
GPS Coordinates: 33.05956N, 80.61583W
Reason Selected: We were on our way to the Myrtle Beach area for the 2010 RV-Dreams Rally. Unfortunately, we forgot that it was Easter weekend and spring break, so we couldn't get into any of the state parks. I found this inexpensive alternative along the route.
Setting: About 20 sites on a few acres behind and next to Mr. & Mrs. Shuman's home. It's a partially wooded field next to U.S. 15. Quite a bit of noise from the highway and from the large power plant behind Colleton State Park.
Guidebooks: None used.
Big Rig Friendly: Plenty of room for big rigs with three entrances to the campground. Pull-through sites available for overnighters.
Hook-ups: Full hook-ups with 50 amps.
Laundry: No laundry facilities
Price & Discounts: $15 per night
Other Factors: Mr. Shuman is very nice and tries to be accommodating. He loves his overnighters. Propane on site. Can walk to Colleton State Park. Very close to the Edisto River for paddling enthusiasts. There is an outfitter about a half mile away. No website. No restrooms - must be self-contained. Some satellite friendly sites, but not the one we were in. :)
OVERALL RATING: 6.5 (out of ten)
We wouldn't ordinarily choose a campground like this unless it was cheap and we were enroute with no better choices. And that was the case this time. For $15 bucks and full hook-ups, it was a pretty good value. We've been in lots worse places. We would stay there again just because the price is right and we like to give the business to Mr. Shuman. Colleton State Park across the road is okay but tight for larger rigs and the dump station is not big rig friendly. For a dollar extra, we'd pick Shumans over the state park.

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