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Here you will find reviews of campgrounds in which we have stayed in the state of Kansas.

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The reviews you find here will be from most recent to oldest since the older the review, the less relevant it may be. The "Overall Rating" is on a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the best.

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Marion Lake Corps of Engineers Recreation Area - Cottonwood Point Campground, Marion, KS - August 2007

Snackmaster (Wes) & Jan's Farm, Tribune, KS - August 2007

Blasi Campground, Wichita, KS - October 2006

Tuttle Creek State Park Campground, Manhattan, KS - September 2006

Journal Site 75: Marion Lake Corps of Engineers Recreation Area - Cottonwood Point Campground - Overall Rating: 8.5

Dates: August 13, 2007 - August 16, 2007
Location: Marion Lake in east central Kansas; About 7 miles west of the U.S. 56 & U.S. 77 intersection.
GPS Coordinates: 38.39369N, 97.08868W
Our Site Number: 46
Reason Selected: Good stopping point on our quick trip from Colorado to Louisville, KY. It wasn't going to be a direct route, and this campground was in the line of our intended path through southeast Missouri. Also, we are quite partial to COE (Corps of Engineers) campgrounds.
Setting: The campground surrounds a cove off of the main lake. Many sites are on the cove and many are directly on the main lake with great views. Most sites are pretty shaded. Most of the campground roads are paved as are the sites. However, there are some gravel areas and sites. The sites in this campground are HUGE and very well spaced. Though it was not windy when we were there, I would suspect sites on the main lake could be quite windy.
Guidebooks: None used
Big Rig Friendly: Could easily handle any size rig
Hook-ups: 50/30 amp electric and water hook-ups at about half the sites; Most other sites have 30 amp electric and NO water hook-ups; Water sources are available as is a dump station; No sewer hook-ups.
Laundry: No laundry facilities.
Price & Discounts: The 50/30 amp sites with water are $18 a night. The 30 amp sites with no water are $15 per night. America The Beautiful Senior and Access Pass 50% discounts apply.
Other Factors: There were a few places to get satellite from the roof, but it could be tricky; There are two boat ramps within the campground; There is one hiking trail; Bathhouses were okay; Staff was very nice and helpful; The COE websites are often weak and this one was no exception, but it had a little more information than some.
OVERALL RATING: 8.5 (out of ten)
This campground is awesome! We really liked the long, well-spaced sites, and waterfront options. There were some beautiful sunsets over the lake. Unfortunately, we were there in the absolute worst part of summer and it was over 100 degrees. So it was really buggy and we were not able to enjoy it as much as we wanted. The bathhouses weren't great and that caused me to knock the rating down a half point. If we are ever in that part of Kansas again, hopefully in Spring or Fall, we will definitely hang out here awhile.

Cottonwood Point Campground on Marion Lake

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Journal Site 74: Snackmaster (Wes) & Jan's Farm - Overall Rating: N/A

Dates: August 10, 2007 - August 13, 2007
Location: Tribune, Kansas.
GPS Coordinates: Private home, so I can give you coordinates. :)
Our Site Number: N/A
Reason Selected: Good stopping point on our way from Colorado to Kentucky. But the biggest reason we stayed here is because we were invited by wonderful folks. :)
Setting: Nice farm in the western Kansas plains. Several miles from the nearest town.
Guidebooks: None used
Big Rig Friendly: Sure. :)
Hook-ups: 50/30 amp electric and water with a place to dump nearby.
Laundry: Yes, if you ask nicely. :)
Price & Discounts: It's a secret. :)
Other Factors: What can we say? Our wonderful hosts invited us, fed us, and took us to a lovely local festival.
OVERALL RATING: N/A (out of ten)
We don't rate sites on private property.

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Journal Site 45: Blasi Campground - Overall Rating: 5

Dates: October 1, 2006 - October 8, 2006
Location: Wichita, Kansas. On the west side of Wichita on Kellogg (Hwy 54/400) about 4 miles west of I-235
GPS Coordinates: 37.6624N, 97.47366W
Our Site Number: K-7
Reason Selected: Location of the 2006 National Heavy Duty Truck Rally which we decided to attend at the last minute. If not for the rally, we would never have stayed here as it is just not our cup of tea.
Setting: Right off the highway with a tire center in front (north), a Ford dealership to the west, apartments to the south, and a gravel road and church to the east; there were a decent number of trees, but it was a dusty gravel road campground with concrete pads where rigs are pretty close together; Of course all the heavy duty trucks made it look even tighter :)
Guidebooks: None used
Big Rig Friendly: Could handle any size rig, and their were lots of really big ones there when we stayed
Hook-ups: Full hook-ups with 50/30 amp electric; circuits were overloaded several times and the electric went out often during our stay; dump station available, but not a very good one and not in a good location
Laundry: Yes - pretty good laundry facilities and the cheapest machines we have found on the road
Price & Discounts: Rates are based on rig length; Up to 30': $24 Nightly, $112 Weekly, $367 Monthly; 31' - 40': $25 Nightly, $119 Weekly, $382 Monthly; 41' - 45': $26 Nightly, $126 Weekly, $397 Monthly; There is a $2.50 discount off the Nightly rate (only) for Good Sam, AAA, & AARP members
Other Factors: There were lots of spots where we could get satellite; they did have a swimming pool; bathhouse was pretty bad; staff was accomodating; website has good information, but it lacks any photos of the campsites - good move on their part :)
OVERALL RATING: 5 (out of ten)
This was the type of campground where we would not normally stay - close to a big city, close to highways, and rigs side by side like a parking lot. Under our criteria, it would rate very low. We bumped it up to a 5 because of the full hook-ups, laundry facility, convenience to places we needed to be at the time, and a decent weekly price. Unless we attend another HDT Rally, we will not stay here again.

Blasi Campground

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Journal Site 44: Tuttle Creek State Park Campground - Overall Rating: 7.5

Dates: September 28, 2006 - October 1, 2006
Location: Manhattan, Kansas. Just north of Manhattan on US Hwy 24
GPS Coordinates: 39.24721N, 96.58731W
Our Site Number: 100 or 110 (forgot to write it down, but it is a pull-through right on the water)
Reason Selected: Good half way point between Louisville State Recreation Area in Nebraska and our destination of Wichita, Kansas for the 2006 National Heavy Duty Truck Rally beginning October 1. Investigated on the web and since we needed to do laundry but wanted to stay at the state park, we figured we would have better options near Kansas State University in Manhattan. :)
Setting: Nice setting below the dam of the 12,500 acre Tuttle Creek Reservoir. Combination of treed and lakeside sites throughout the campground
Guidebooks: None used
Big Rig Friendly: Could handle any size rig
Hook-ups: 50/30 amp electric and water hook-ups; No sewer hook-ups, but two dump stations available
Laundry: No
Price & Discounts: The Kansas State Parks have the funkiest camping fee structure we have seen on the road. You have a daily vehicle fee, a daily camping fee, a daily utility fee, and a daily "prime site" fee for the best sites. From April 1 - September 30 the daily vehicle fee is $7 and the daily camping fee is $8.50. Take $1 off each of those for October through March. Add to that a utility fee of $6 for one utility, $8 for two utilities, or $9 for three utilities (for other state parks where there are sewer hook-ups). Then add $2.50 if you select a "prime site" like we did. So that was $7.00 + $8.50 + $8.00 + $2.50 = $26.00 a night for our stay. Kansas seniors/disabled (Only Kansas residents) get the daily vehicle fee for $4.25. BUT anyone can buy a 14-day camping pass which gives you about a buck and a quarter off the daily camping fee. Sheeeesh!
Other Factors: There were a few places to get satellite from the roof, but it could be tricky in some places; there was a small boat ramp 100 feet from our site and a hiking trail at the end of our camping loop; Bathhouses were okay; Staff (especially Cindy) was very nice and helpful; The Kansas State Park website is pretty good, but it does not have any campground maps of sites (which is why we can't go back and figure out our site number) :)
OVERALL RATING: 7.5 (out of ten)
We really liked this campground and especially our site. However, the funky fee system was sort of annoying and made it a little overpriced. Unfortunately our stay was short and we didn't get out on the water, hike, or explore the state park. Had we done those things, we might have bumped the rating up to an 8. We would like to stay here again and maybe do the 14-day stay.

Tuttle Creek State Park Campground

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