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Here you will find reviews of campgrounds in which we have stayed in the state of Indiana.

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Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds, Goshen, Indiana - May 2010

Mor/Ryde International, Elkhart, Indiana - May 2010

White River Campground, Cicero, Indiana - May 2010

Stout's RV Parking Lot, Greenwood, IN - August 2006

Hardin Ridge Recreation Area Campground, Hoosier National Forest, Heltonville, IN - August 2006

Journal Site 157: Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds - Overall Rating: 6

Dates: May 7 - May 9, 2010
Location: Goshen, Indiana near the Michigan border.
Our Site: 184
GPS Coordinates: 41.58031N, 85.80429W
Reason Selected: After having work done on our rig at Mor/Ryde in Elkhart and Lippert in Goshen, we just needed a place to overnight for a day or two before heading north for a summer workamping job in Michigan.
Setting: It's a fairgrounds. :) Amongst the barns and buildings and pavilions, there are a couple of hundred RV sites scattered throughout. The roads are paved, but the RV sites are mostly grass with a few sections having gravel sites.
Guidebooks: None used.
Big Rig Friendly: Yes. There are numerous RV rallies held throughout the year, so any size rig can get in. However, the sites are very close together and it can take some skillful parking to get into some tight spaces.
Hook-ups: Over 100 sites have full hook-ups with 50-amp electric. Another 100 sites have full hook-ups with 30-amp elelctric. There are several more sites with water and 30-amp electric. There are 10 dump stations, but nine of them are side-by-side in a grassy area that wasn't mowed when we visited.
Laundry: None.
Price & Discounts:$19 plus tax for water/electric; $25 plus tax for full hook-ups; Weekly rate of $140 plus tax; Monthly rate of $350
Other Factors: In addition to the numerous rallies, the fairgrounds is open for regular camping in all months except July when the annual 4-H fair is held. Sites are all back-in sites, extremely close together, and most sections have back-to-back sites where you are butted up to the rig behind you. Sites near the entrance are a little larger but closer to the road. However, the sites in the back of the fairgrounds are closer to the very busy railroad tracks. Close to several RV factories in the area and a decent place to stay to visit factories and Amish country. Note: Even though it's "Elkhart County" fairgrounds, it is not run by the county. It's run by a non-profit private company.
OVERALL RATING: 6 (out of ten)
Nice to find full hook-ups at a fairgrounds, but this isn't our kind of place at all. It is a decent value for exploring the area, but we prefer our campgrounds to be places to hang out and enjoy our site.

Elkhart County 4-H Fairground

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Journal Site 156: Mor/Ryde International - Overall Rating: 5

Dates: May 3 - May 6, 2010
Location: Elkhart, Indiana near the Michigan border.
Our Site: Eight sites and they are all basically the same.
GPS Coordinates: 41.66978N, 85.95251W
Reason Selected: We had an appointment to install disc brakes and a new suspension. Mor/Ryde has a few sites in a gravel parking lot for their customers for the nights before and after work is done.
Setting: This is a gravel parking lot in an industrial area that borders a neighborhood. Train tracks are nearby, and the trains run often. With trees and hedges around the perimeter fence of the parking lot, the sites are somewhat hidden from the public, but there is no gate or security.
Guidebooks: None used.
Big Rig Friendly: Very big rig friendly. Plenty of room to maneuver. However, as you approach through the industrial area, it's not quite clear if there will be enough room until you actually get there.
Hook-ups: Sites have 30-amp elelctric only. No water hook-ups, but you can take on water from the side of the Mor/Ryde service bay building. However, it may take 50 or so feet of hose to get to the spigot. No sewer hook-ups and no dump station. They do have cable.
Laundry: None.
Price & Discounts:Free!
Other Factors: Satellite isn't a problem. If having work done at Mor/Ryde it usually takes two or three days. If they are working on your rig and have it torn apart, you can sleep in your rig inside the service bay where there is a 30-amp hook-up and cable. They do it all the time. Can't get the customer Wi-Fi in the parking area, but cellular air cards work fine both in the parking area and inside the bays. Free Wi-Fi inside the main building in the customer lounge. The customer lounge has a TV, books, magazines, games, and complimentary snacks. If you are there around lunchtime, Mor/Ryde provides lunch for you.
OVERALL RATING: 5 (out of ten)
It's just a parking lot for convenience. It gets a five because it's free. :)

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Journal Site 155: White River Campground - Overall Rating: 7.5

Dates: May 2 - May 3, 2010
Location: In central Indiana about 20 miles northeast of Indianapolis. A couple of miles west of IN Hwy 37.
Our Site: 81
GPS Coordinates: 40.12446N, 85.96960W
Reason Selected: Looked like a great stopping point on our way from Louisville to Elkhart, IN. Also, we had some readers staying there at the time and they invited us.
Setting: Very nice park-like setting along a branch of the White River. Nothing around to complain about.
Guidebooks: No factor.
Big Rig Friendly: Yes, but the sites are not angled and the campground road is not wide enough to allow enough swing room to get into the non-angled sites. The sites that back up to the river are shorter than some of the other sites. You can get into them, but they don't have enough room to park both a big rig and another vehicle.
Hook-ups: Some sites have full hook-ups and some are water and electric only (30-amp electric). There is a dump station and a bathhouse.
Laundry: Didn't check, but no reference to laundry on the website.
Price & Discounts: $20 per night plus tax for full hook-ups and $19 plus tax for water/electric. This is a Hamilton County park, so residents get a discount.
Other Factors: Very nice campground hosts. The campground road is newly paved and the campsites are concrete with picnic tables. Canoeing on the White River with a launch in the campground. Website is decent. Quite a few trees, but there are more open sites toward the rear of the campground for satellite.
OVERALL RATING: 7.5 (out of ten)
Though we only stayed one night, we enjoyed this campground. It was uncrowded on a Sunday evening and it had the natural setting we like. However, there were a couple of negatives. First is the issue of the sites being somewhat difficult to get into due to not being angled and there being limited swing room without running off the road (a bigger problem when it is wet). Second, they just crammed too many sites into the campground making the spacing between sites much less than we are used to for natural setting parks like this. One minor issue is that the sewer connections are at the rear of the sites and require extra sewer hoses. Overall, we liked the campground and would come back to do a little canoeing. A few folks have emailed us and told us it's the best campground in the Indianapolis area.

White River Campground, Hamilton County, Indiana

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Journal Site 36: Stout's RV Parking Lot - Overall Rating: 4

Dates: August 16, 2006 - August 18, 2006
Location: Greenwood, Indiana. Exit 99 on I-65 in central Indiana
GPS Coordinates: 39.60954N, 86.07566W
Our Site Number: N/A
Reason Selected: We had to have some service/repair work done at Stout's. They had just expanded and have a brand new asphalt parking lot with HUGE spaces and 50 amp hook-ups for their customers.
Setting: A HUGE parking lot with 50 amp electric in each light pole; I-65 is visible beyond the rows of RVs to the east; There is a gold range/batting cage to the south; The dealership building is to the north and there is a nice apartment complex across the road to the west
Guidebooks: None used
Big Rig Friendly: Could handle any size rig - plenty of room for any length combinationa and the "site" width was large enough for all slideouts
Hook-ups: 50 amp electric ONLY
Laundry: None
Price & Discounts: FREE! You didn't hear it from me, but as of this writing they didn't really care who parked there overnight as long as you were in an RV
Other Factors: No trees to get in the way of the satellites. Lots of room to manuever.
OVERALL RATING: 4 (out of ten)
How can we possibly give a parking lot a 4? Good question. But what we liked about this was its functionality for its purpose. It was easy to access from the interstate and there was so much room to get around. They didn't have to put in 50 amp electric but they did. They even supply boards for all jacks to keep from damaging the asphalt. AND there were flashing light security vehichles circling the parking lot all night long. The only problem I could foresee is finding a nice level place to park if they got really crowded - the parking lot was a bit wavy.

Stout's RV

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Journal Site 35: Hardin Ridge Recreation Area Campground, Hoosier National Forest - Overall Rating: 8

Dates: August 3, 2006 - August 16, 2006
Location: About 30 minutes south of Bloomington, Indiana; It can be accessed from either Hwy 37 to the west or from Hwy 446 to the east (I think 446 is probably easier)
GPS Coordinates: 39.02078N, 86.46092W
Our Site Number: 144
Reason Selected: We were struggling to find a decent campground in southcentral Indiana so that we could make a quick trip for service toward Indianapolis and so we could visit with some old friends within an hour's drive; I just wasn't getting a good feeling about the campgrounds or RV parks in the area and I could not find much about Hardin Ridge; We sort of took a chance based on the large sites and number of non-reservable sites available
Setting: Absolutely beautiful campground! There are six "loops" that are completely separate and completely wooded. The Recreation Area road ends in the largest lake (Monroe Reservoir) in Indiana that is not a Great Lake. There is a swimming area and boat ramp within the area.
Guidebooks: No reliance.
Big Rig Friendly: There are NO pull-through sites in this 202 site campground; However, there are plenty of sites large enough for the biggest rigs; The interior roads are all paved and there is a lot of room to manuever
Hook-ups: Okay, this gets confusing. There are NO sewer hook-ups unless you are a campground host; There are 94 electric sites - 79 with 30 amps and 15 with 50 amps. Two of the six loops have no hook-ups at all. There are water hook-ups at only 14 sites and they are scattered among four loops; All water sites have electric, but only 5 have 50 amps - 136, 141, 144, 184, & 186; There are two side-by-side dump stations
Laundry: No facilities
Price & Discounts: $21.00 for water & electric sites; $18 for electric sites; $15 for no hook-up sites; no club discounts, but those with Golden Age or Golden Access passes get half off; They also run a special sometimes where you can get a night free if you check in on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday and stay at least two nights (you can only get that special at the gate)
Other Factors: The campground is managed by the Cradle Of Forestry; This is the second Cradle oF Forestry managed campground we have stayed in and we have been highly impressed both times; They have a camp host for every 20 sites and they are friendly and visible; This is a federal campground and online reservations are done by ReserveAmerica; The Recreation Area website is a bit outdated, but provides better information on the campground than the ReserveAmerica site; Only half of the sites are reservable - the sites on the right side of each loop are reservable and the sites on the left are not; Only 8 of the water sites are reservable (2 of them have 50 amps) and only 4 of the 50 amp sites are reservable; Bathhouses were very nice although they have the same bug problems most public campgrounds have; There are private shower rooms, but the showers could have been a little cleaner; Rooftop satellite access is a problem - we got very lucky to get internet and there may have been one other site where we could have; We did not get satellite TV and those that did had to manuever tripods and cables; Most sites are gravel, but there are a few paved sites sprinkled in
OVERALL RATING: 8 (out of ten)
This campground was just beautiful!! If it had sewers & laundry facilities, we might have given it a 9.5. The tough thing about the campground is that there is just no rhyme or reason to the sites and what amenities they may or may not have. Still, anytime we are traveling through central Indiana, we will make it a point to stay at Hardin Ridge and we will try to get our non-reservable site 144 which has water and 50 amp electric. We loved it!

Hardin Ridge Recreation Area

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