RV-Dreams Business Financials

Before we sold our house and quit our jobs back in 2005, we knew that we would have to earn income on the road to cover most of our full-timing expenses.  All we knew was that it would be a combination of Workamping and trying to earn revenue through this website.

Along the way, various opportunities have opened up.  So the spreadsheet at the bottom of this page provides a summary of business revenue and expenses by year since we started.

Note:  This page does not include our normal everyday living expenses; it only shows the expenses we have incurred relative to generating the business income.  Our "normal" RVing expenses are summarized on our Full-Time RVing Expense Averages page (through 2016).

We started out slowly working on the website and then doing some workamping. 



When the economy turned down in 2008, we needed to build up some cash, so we took a 40-hour per week campground job for four months during the summer of 2009 and earned about two thirds of that year's expenses.

We did another workamping job with no pay for five months in 2010 and then decided we don't like staying anywhere that long.  We like the workamping and all the various experiences that come with it, but I just don't care for being tied down.

Actually, Linda doesn't mind staying put, and I'm okay with one to two months.  But by the third month, no matter how much we like our workamping duties, I'm ready to move on.

So, we dedicated ourselves to paying more attention to earning income through our website and other means while staying on the move.

In 2011, we started weighing RVs for the RV Safety & Education Foundation.


And we started doing two RV-Dreams Rallies each year instead of one.

In the last few years, our income has increased, but so have our "normal" living expenses since we haven't been staying put and workamping.  Workamping reduces our "normal" living expenses $1,000 - $1,200 a month.

At the end of 2014, as we were doing well financially, we let go of the RVSEF RV Weighing income stream mostly because it was obligating us to travel a certain way.

In 2015, we returned to workamping for three months during the summer so we could explore northern Minnesota, a location we hadn't yet visited.

And, in 2016, we did a two-month volunteer stint at Acadia National Park in Maine which overlapped with the time we would normally have a Fall Rally. So, we only had one Rally in 2016.

So, we are now concentrating more on RV-Dreams, but we're still looking at various workamping and volunteering jobs that interest us and that are in places we'd like to explore further. 

In 2017, we we're back to having two Educational Rallies, and we did not workamp. However, we purchased a small house in The Villages in central Florida that we are renting out. That rental income supplements our RV-Dreams business income. 

In 2018, we had a Boondocking Rally, an RV-Dreams Reunion Rally, and a small Educational Rally. The Boondocking and Reunion Rallies don't generate much net income for us, but they are fun. However, we spoke at seven RV shows early in the year to boost our income.

In the overall scheme of things, we're still following our passions and trying to maintain a good balance between work and play.  Our main goal is to earn enough so that we can cover our "normal" living expenses without having to dip into savings.  It took us several years, but we finally made it.  And so can anyone else.  :)

Below is our Business Income & Expenses for 2006 - 2018. In addition, we had net income of $7,000 from our rental house in Florida.