2019 RV-Dreams Boondocking Rally

Quartzsite, Arizona -
March  24 - 31, 2019


Over the years, we've had lots of readers interested in parking their RVs "off the grid" without hook-ups. But many people are a little apprehensive about it.

So, after kicking around the idea for awhile and getting some feedback, we thought we would try a "Boondocking For Novices" RV-Dreams Rally.

Our first five (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2018) were a lot of fun, and we've gotten a lot of inquiries about doing it again. So, we've decided to have another one in 2019 in Quartzsite, Arizona, the location of our first one back in 2013 and our last one in 2018.   

Our Boondocking Rallies aren't as structured as our usual RV-Dreams Educational Rallies, but rather it will be an informal gathering where we will provide hands-on tips and tricks for those that want to try boondocking with support from those with experience.

ONLY $95 PER RV!!*

Limited to the first 40 RVs to register

This event is over. Stay tuned for information on a 2020 Boondocking Rally!!

Aerial View of 2013 Boondocking Rally


For 2019, we're returning to Quartzsite, Arizona. The actual location is yet to be determined, but we'll give everyone directions and GPS coordinates a couple of weeks before the event. And we've been known to change the location a little bit a day or two before the event starts, so it's important we have up to date email addresses and phone numbers. 

We will be parking out in the desert, but we usually find a spot that isn't too sandy - it's more like a crushed volcanic rock surface. There will be paved road access to the area, but we want you to know that attendance will require driving your RV off pavement.

Quartzsite is boondocking made easy as thousands park in the area in January. We prefer it after the crowds have gone.

There are a few RV parks in Quartzsite where you can "stage" prior to the Rally and take on water and empty tanks.  Or, there is place called the RV Pit Stop where you can dump tanks, take on water, and top off the propane on your way to our location.

Linda & I will be there the entire Rally, but attendees can arrive anytime and stay for a few days or the full week. However, it is recommended to arrive at the beginning because we may not repeat seminars later in the week.

Note, however, that this Rally will be limited to 40 RVs and it usually sells out a few months in advance


There will be a loose agenda including seminars on tank management, batteries, and solar options. 

Along with other attendees, we will be answering questions and helping to evaluate rigs and set-ups as they relate to boondocking. Of course, we'll be around to answer whatever questions may come up or point our guests in the direction of those more qualified to answer certain questions.

We will have campfires, ....

potlucks, ....

happy hours, breakfasts .....

games, crafts, and whatever else we decide to do on the spur of the moment.

We may have some optional group activities, but mostly we will just hang out and get to know each other.

For those interested, we can play a round or two of golf (although anything decent is quite a drive).

Those with ATVs will have options for riding in the desert.

Also, I'm sure Linda will teach some crafts and t-shirt braiding .....

and we'll probably have folks that will be able to help with various issues you might be having with your RV.

Or, you can just sit and relax.  Again, there is a limited agenda and no pressure to do anything.

What To Bring


March weather in Quartzsite averages highs in the low to mid-70s up to the low 80s, and overnight lows in the mid-40s to around 50, although be prepared for overnight lows in the 30s. 

Rain is not likely as the March average precipitation is less than a half an inch for the month. However, we will likely have some windy days.


There are a couple of small grocery stores in Quartzsite that have basics, and there is a Walmart Supercenter about 30 miles away. So, we'll be within range of options, but they won't necessarily be convenient.

We will probably have a few potlucks, but there won't be much planning time. They might be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Of course, any group meals will be completely voluntary.

We would recommend bringing enough food for yourself for the week plus whatever additional food you might want to share at a happy hour or potluck. But don't fret too much about it as we're sure someone will make a Walmart run during the week.

Chairs, Tables, Grills

Bring comfortable chairs for seminars, happy hours, campfires, and other gatherings.

If possible, bring a table for potluck set-up.

Grills, griddles, and propane cookers will come in handy. Remember, there are no electric hook-ups, so microwave and convection oven use will be limited unless you want to run your generator.


We will likely have a community campfire most nights, so if everyone brings just a little firewood, we should be okay. Of course, if you want to bring a lot or have scrap wood you are trying to get rid of, that would be appreciated (no wood with nails, please).

We try to have wood delivered to our location, but that doesn't always work out.


If your RV has a generator, great. If you have a portable generator, bring it. If you don't have a generator, consider borrowing or renting one (we would recommend a Honda portable).

Daily rentals of generators can be high, but a weekly rental might be worthwhile. Check with Home Depot, Lowe's, or other equipment rental companies.

A generator isn't absolutely necessary, but if you don't have solar panels, you will need some way to keep your coach batteries charged. You may be able to borrow a generator from another attendee to charge batteries, but having one to yourself will increase your abilities.

Note 1: We will have generator hours. Quiet time (no generators) will be from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. to simulate what you may experience in campground situations where there are restricted generator hours.

Note 2: The idea with generators is to use them 2 - 4 hours a day to charge batteries and to run higher energy appliances during battery re-charge time. Please don't come with the expectation of running your generator constantly during daylight hours for air conditioners or residential refrigerators. One of the benefits of learning to boondock is the ability to enjoy the quiet, and we don't want to subject the group to any more generator noise than is necessary.


Bring your favorite camping games such as ladder golf (aka hillbilly golf, blongo ball, bolo ball, ladder ball, flingy pongy, etc.) or bean bag toss (aka cornhole) or horseshoes.

You will probably find someone to play your favorite card game, board game, or domino game, so bring those too.


With no electricity, it'll be pretty dark. Be sure to bring a flashlight or headlamp for each person.


Pets are most certainly welcome. However, we have some requests.

  • Please keep your dogs on a leash while in the group area (or otherwise maintain control).
  • Please keep dogs away from the food tables and other peoples' plates.
  • Please pick up after your dogs.
  • Please don't assume everyone is a dog lover and be considerate of those that aren't.
  • Please do your best to keep dogs from barking.

Boondocking is great for dog owners, because strict RV park rules don't apply in many cases. However, in this group setting, we appreciate your understanding of our common sense requests.

Full Propane, Full Fresh Water, Empty Holding Tanks

To maximize your length of stay, make sure:

  • Your propane tanks/cylinders are full.
  • Your fresh water tank is full.
  • Your wastewater holding tanks are empty.

Again, there are a few RV parks in the area if you want to stay a night to empty tanks and take on water or you can accomplish this at the RV Pit Stop for a fee for each service.

If you have any questions about this Boondocking Rally, please send those through our Contact Form. If we have several of the same questions, we will update this page to answer those.

ONLY $95 PER RV!!!*

This event is over. Stay tuned for information on a 2020 Boondocking Rally!!

* - The Rally fee is only $95 which includes rally coordination, informal seminars, and liability insurance.  The fee is the same no matter the length of stay.

Cancellation Policy: In the event you must cancel, the $95 fee is NON-Refundable UNLESS we have a waiting list and can fill your spot. If we can fill your spot, we will refund your payment once the replacement registration is paid.

In the interest of full disclosure, we have posted this policy in various places throughout the registration process.