Us at Bald River Falls on the western edge of the Cherokee National Forest, Tellico Plains, TN, 08/05

The Story

Hi there! Welcome! This is the story of how came to be. What began as a way to earn income has turned into a labor of love and a way to really help others.

Here is how the website got started and how it transformed over time.

We are Howard (I'm Howard & I do all the website stuff) & Linda Payne and at the ripe old age of 41 in the year 2005, we quit our high-paying corporate jobs, sold just about everything we owned, and made the transition to living in an RV full-time as we travel North America.

The decision to take that leap into full-time RVing in order to simplify our lives, travel, and pursue a deeper happiness, was actually made after a few months of contemplation and after one month of intense research (December 2004).

The decision to start a website was two-fold. First, we wanted to provide our friends and family with a way to follow our journey and view photos of the places we visit along the way. Second, needing to earn an income to live on the road for many years to come, the website was initially developed as a potential way to make money.

You see, the biggest hurdle to actually quitting our jobs and pursuing a dream of traveling while still young enough to really enjoy it was what we would do to earn our expenses. So I spent a large amount of time trying to figure out how we would make a living since we were too young to draw from our 401(k) or any other retirement source.

I found that there are numerous ways to earn money and that it would be best to develop as many small income streams as possible, so the loss of one would not be devastating. I determined that one could earn some money by having a website where commissions would be paid by advertisers (for clicks on their ads) or through affiliate arrangements (for sales made via a click through our website to theirs).

The problem was that I had absolutely no experience in building a website. So I searched for a website building program that would guide me step by step through the process.

What I did know was that it takes high amounts of web traffic to earn any income. I also knew that we could build a website for free or we could pay thousands of dollars to have one built for us. The problem with the free route was that I had no idea how to drive traffic.

Through a few hours of searching, I came across Ken Envoy's Site Build-It. What impressed me was that no experience in website building was necessary, there was a detailed step by step guide, and there was heavy emphasis on simplicity and content to build an audience. Perfect!

Shortly after reading and following the Site Build-it ten day action guide, it was clear I had made the right decision. It told me the most important thing was not bells and whistles and graphics, but content. People want content, and the search engines want to give their searching customers content.

I could do that. After hours upon hours of researching full-timing in books, on websites, and in web forums, I determined that I could build a website that combined much of the information I gathered from numerous sources into one comprehensive site designed to assist others like us that were considering full-time RVing as a lifestyle.

Not only would it be a valuable source for others, but continuing to research and add content would be helpful to us as we got closer and closer to hitting the road. How can someone who never even RVed develop a credible website on full-time RVing?

Well, first of all, the website started out by combining information gathered from numerous experienced sources and simply putting it all in a convenient place. Secondly, our own personal views on the full-timing lifestyle were about much more than RVing.

The overall theme of is more about the pursuit of dreams and passions in life. It just so happens that RVing is one great way to simplify your life, so you can follow those pursuits.

That is why we have become so passionate about the website. Sure we earn a paltry sum of money from it, but it's become more about a philosphy of life and how to help others be happier.

The emails we receive are so heartfelt and touching that it wouldn't matter if we ever earned a dime. We know for a fact that we have given some people hope of a better life and provided some good information. That is more satisfying than anything!

With the encouragement of our visitors we have continued to expand the website, and we have been updating a Journal of our travels every day since we went on the road August 3, 2005.

By putting our heart and souls into and the accompanying RV-Dreams Journal, other opportunities have come to us to help us earn income.

We hope the website is helpful to you and, if so, please tell us. If there is something not addressed that you would like to see, please tell us.

Our goal is to make the most informative site on the internet for those looking for a better life through RVing. Thank you for your support!

P.S. All the photos throughout the website have been taken by us along the way. At one time there were stock photos, but they have now been replaced by our own. has become a very personal endeavor for us, and we want all parts of it to reflect that personal touch.