RV Roadside Assistance

FTC Disclosure: We are affiliates of both companies that we recommend below. If you click on the links and purchase from either of them, we may be paid a referral fee although your cost is the same regardless. Again, we wouldn't recommend them if we weren't willing to use them ourselves.

If you have ever used a roadside assistance service like that provided by AAA, you know how valuable it can be.  But very few roadside assistance companies can handle the specialized needs of RVers.

Will your roadside assistance company send a tow truck large enough for your RV?  Will your insurance company's roadside assistance get you and your family and your home on wheels to a safe place where RV experts can get you back on the road?

Don't take any chances and get unsurpassed coverage for all of your vehicles with RV-specific roadside assistance.

We have used Coach-Net, a division of National Motor Club since we started full-timing.  Their service has been amazing and we highly recommend them.  


Now, we have only used Coach-Net and have experienced their service.  However, we know that there is another highly rated RV roadside assistance plan, so we want to make sure we include it here as another option.

Good Sam Emergency Roadside Assistance gets very high marks among RVers and probably has more members than Coach-Net.  So, we would be doing our readers a disservice if we didn't include them in this discussion.

AND with recent price changes by Coach-Net, Good Sam may be a better value now.

To check it out, click on the banner below. 

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

If you are a full-time RVer or travel in your RV for months at a time or at least a few thousand miles a year, these specialized roadside assistance services provide excellent value for the price.

We wouldn't be without it - it's simply a "no-brainer" for us.