Our 2009 Budget By Month

Below you will find our personal budget for 2009. We used our first three and a half years on the road to establish this budget. We tried to anticipate some price increases in certain categories and considered the amount of workamping we will do in 2009.

As you can see, we have budgeted $32,340 for the year, a $3,660 decrease from 2008's $36,000. Read on to see where we came up with that.

It has been our experience so far that our basic living expenses will come in at around $2,760 per month in the months we don't workamp, and about $1,660 a month in the months we do workamp. Since we have lined up workamping positions for six months of 2009, we sort of split the difference and budgeted $2,395 per month.

Therefore, we have budgeted $28,740 for 2009 for basic living expenses including insurance, etc. That's a $1,260 decrease from 2008 when we budgeted $30,000 ($2,500 per month).

However, we have included $300 a month additional for Emergencies/Budget Cushion just so we are prepared for surprises. It is our intent to make it on the $28,740, but the $32,340 figure allows us a little flexibility while still lowering our budget from 2008.

That extra $300 a month is NOT for miscalculations in our basic living expenses. It is ONLY for unanticipated items that may pop up.

The budget you see below shows the figures with both the extra Emergencies/Budget Cushion and without it.

NOTE: You will notice that the Satellite Internet category includes all zeroes. We pay about $70 a month for that service, but we include it in our business expenses for RV-Dreams.com. We just wanted you to be aware.

Also, we have included a separate representation of the budget with the expenses evenly spread each month over the year. That budget version is shown below. Take your pick. :)