Our 2007 Budget By Month

Below you will find our personal budget for 2007. We tried to include every possible expense we could think of so that we would not have any surprises.

As you can see, we have budgeted $36,000 for the year. That amount includes $5,040 for RV Upgrades/Budget Cushion.

We would like to replace our single deep cycle house battery with some AGM no-maintenance batteries and a good inverter. There are a few other things we would like to add, like disc brakes, but as of the posting of this budget none of our upgrades are scheduled.

So we simply included $420 per month for the upgrades and a little cushion for unexpected items that might come up. We feel like we can live on about $30,000. But we have learned that the first two years of full-timing often include expenses to solidify the traveling home set-up that are not anticipated at the beginning.