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As a Workamper News Concierge, we are able to offer RV-Dreams readers a promotion code to get a two-month extension on a Workamper News subscription. To find out more about what is included in a Workamper News membership, keep reading.

For those that already understand the memberships and just want to get to the sign-ups, Click Here!

Let's take a look at the memberships available.

NOTE: All the memberships changed in September 2016. So, if you had been looking at Workamper News prior to then, memberships and pricing have changed as indicated below.

Here's a quick summary of the changes until I get time to revise this page:

  • The Bronze & Silver memberships below have been eliminated
  • There is now a FREE "Intro" membership that includes an online version of the most current issue of the Workamper News Magazine.
  • The only paid membership is the "Gold" membership and its annual subscription price as been reduced to $47 (or $39.95 for the "green" version with no printed magazine)

    Workamper Bronze Membership (formerly Workamper Basic)

  • Six bi-monthly Workamper News magazines in print form via U.S. mail

    Workamper News magazine includes Workamper Opportunity "help wanted" ads organized by state. Employers include contact information so workampers can contact them directly. The magazine also includes a feature article on workamping as well as many more pages of information and resources.

  • Members can (for free) place 30-word ads in each issue's "Situations Wanted" section

  • NEW!! Now Bronze members can view the current edition of the Workamper News online.

  • Best membership for those that don't have a computer, don't use a computer, or don't have consistent or reliable internet access

  • $27.00/yr.; Green option (no print magazines) - $22.95/yr.

    The prior "Basic" membership was $33.00/yr. and there was no "Green" option.

    Workamper Silver Membership (formerly Workamper Plus)

  • Six bi-monthly Workamper News magazines in both print via the mail AND online via the Workamper.com website, including access to a full archive of prior issues.

    Workamper News magazine includes Workamper Opportunity "help wanted" ads organized by state. Employers include contact information so workampers can contact them directly. The magazine also includes a feature article on workamping as well as many more pages of information and resources. The following is a sample page that shows the various icon codes used in the ads related to pay levels to help browsing.

  • Members can (for free) place 30-word ads in each issue's "Situations Wanted" section (Same as for Bronze Members)

  • Daily "Hotline" jobs notifications via email and web

    Hotline jobs are positions that come up between magazine publications and the openings are usually more immediate. The Hotline emails come once a day for all the jobs posted that day; however, you can opt to have each job listing sent individually as they are posted (giving you a jump on other candidates).

  • "Awesome Applicants" resume service

    "Awesome Applicants" includes a resume builder that walks you through building a workamper resume including photos. Once completed, you can print your resume or email it to employers from within the resume builder.

  • "Employer Tours"
    "Employer Tours" is a database of many of the workamping employers where you can find additional information and view photos of their facilities.

  • "Praise Your Employer"
    "Praise Your Employer" is a section where workampers assign "star ratings" to the employers they would like to praise. Workamper Plus members get access and can see which employers have been given star ratings. Also, you can get the email address of the workamper posting the star rating so you can attempt to contact them directly about their experience.

  • Workamping Webinars - Live and recorded
    Webinars are online seminars whereby you watch the presentation (perhaps a Powerpoint slideshow or a demonstration of the website) on your computer screen while you listen to the presenter. You have the ability to interact with the presenter via an audio feed or you can type in questions/comments via a "chat-type" box. Live webinars are the best, but if you can't make one you can view the recorded webinar later.

  • Jobinars - live and recorded
    A "Jobinar" is a webinar that is presented by a prospective employer. Workampers have the opportunity to view and hear a presentation about a specific employer and/or specific positions. And just like a webinar, the participating workampers can ask questions of the employer. Again, if you miss the jobinar, you can view the recorded version later.

  • Workamper Community
    Workamper Community is a place within Workamper.com where Plus Members can interact as "friends", post photos, write blogs, and more.

  • Private Forum areas
    Workamper.com has a Forum that is open to the public and requires a separate login/password to post. However, there are a couple of sub-Forums, including one called "Workamper Experiences", that are only available to Workamper Plus Members.

  • NEW!! Member Map & Profile
    The Member Map allows you to update your location as you move around the country (you have the option of being "visible" or not). You can also see the locations of other workampers in your area and connect if you so choose.

  • Member Only articles and videos
    Workamping-related articles in the Article Index and videos in the Media Library accessible to Silver & Gold members only

  • $47.00/yr.; Green option (no print magazines) - $39.95/yr.

    The prior "Plus" membership was $54.00/yr. and the "Plus Green" option was $42.00/yr.

    Workamper Gold Membership

  • Includes everything in the Silver Membership PLUS:

  • Monthly Gold Roundtable Webinars

  • Ask The Experts Webinars

  • Workamper Marketing 101 Course

  • Extra articles

  • $67.00/yr.; Green option (no print magazines) - $56.95/yr.

    The prior "Gold" membership was $198.00/yr. and there was no "Green" option.

    Our Opinion

    We've been Workamper News subscribers since January 2005, and we've had seven workamping positions over the years. We took a break from workamping from 2011 - 2014 to concentrate on other ventures, but we started back again in 2015.

    Even during the period we weren't workamping, we maintained our Workamper Plus Green (now Silver with Green option) membership. We kept our resume updated and available to employers, and we always review the daily "Hotline" emails just in case something we just can't resist pops up.

    We have been promoting Workamper News for years, and even though there are other RV employer-listed positions and websites out there, there is simply no comparison to the experience and what you receive with a Workamper News membership. Now, with that said, let's look at our recommendations.

    Workamper News Memberships - Which One?

    Workamper Bronze vs. Workamper Silver

    Bronze is better than Silver IF:

  • 1) You don't have a computer or you don't use a computer, or you have very limited internet access or none at all

  • 2) You just don't want to spend the extra money each year.

    Silver is much better than Bronze BECAUSE:

  • 1) You get daily "Hotline" email alerts of job openings

    Why is this important? The jobs in the actual Workamper News magazine are typically for positions out in the future (i.e. winter editions will have ads for next summer or fall positions). Hotline jobs are typically immediate needs and most never appear in the magazine. Also, some employers only use the Hotline to advertise and don't place ads in the magazine at all. So, if you don't like to plan months in advance, Hotline jobs are more immediate. Also, awesome jobs show up in the Hotline that don't show up in the magazine - three of our best jobs were Hotline jobs. Finally, if you didn't get the job you wanted, it may pop again in the Hotline as an immediate opening because workampers may cancel at the last minute, workloads may require additional workampers, or workampers may have had to leave early.

  • 2) You get the "Awesome Applicants" resume builder

  • 3) You get so many more tools to help and encourage you

  • 4) You get much more value for your annual membership fee

    Workamper Silver vs. Workamper Silver with Green option

    In our opinion, we don't see any reason to get the print edition of the magazine which is the only difference between these two memberships.

    So, unless you just have to have a printed magazine in your hand, save a few trees and a few bucks, and go Green!

    Workamper Silver vs. Workamper Gold

    The old Gold membership simply didn't include enough value for it's very high price. In fact, we didn't even include it in these pages until the price came down to the much more reasonable $67/yr as part of the 2015 membership revamp.

    However, in our opinion, we still don't see a need to go with the Gold membership. Though we haven't personally taken part in or seen the Gold membership extras, we feel that the best benefits are included in the Silver membership.


    First of all, no matter which membership you choose, we see no reason to get the printed magazine. So we would always go with the Green version.

    Because you can now view the magazine online, the Bronze membership is improved over the old Basic.

    However, the Silver membership provides so many more benefits for just a $1.50 per month more in subscription pricing.

    The Gold membership now provides much more value than the old Gold membership.

    It's still our opinion that the Silver membership (Green option) is the best choice for the combination of benefits and value. However, it's a lot closer call on the Gold membership now.

    Are you ready to sign up?
    If so, here is the link to the page that walks you through the sign-up process and shows how to take advantage of our Concierge Code: Signing Up For Workamper News.

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