Welcome To Our Chat Room!

Welcome to the host page for the RV-Dreams Live Chat Room. This is a place just to chat or to learn.

The Chat Room is dormant most of the day, but around 9:00 p.m. Eastern time, it starts to fill up with regular chatters. That's the best time to join in.

Below the Chat Room box, you can see a list of who is currently chatting. Of course, even if no one else is in there, you are more than welcome to sign in and try out the features on your own to get used to them.

Also check out the Tips and Code of Conduct at the bottom of this page.

Lots of our chatters are new and there is no better place to learn than the friendly confines of the wonderful RV-Dreams Community. So sign in, give it a shot, and HAVE FUN!!

NOTE: We provide the RV-Dreams Chat Room to our readers for free, although we do pay a monthly fee to host it. We respectfully request that you visit our Supporting RV-Dreams Page to see the many ways you can help us keep features like the Chat Room free. As always, thanks for your support!

Who's Currently Chatting - This feature is for the convenience of those wishing to see who is logged on BEFORE connecting. Once logged on, the list will not change unless you completely refresh the page.


Here are just a few tips to make your chatting experience better.

  • Fonts - under Options you can change the size of font to make reading easier
  • Separator - also under Options you can add a separator which places a line between each message for easier reading
  • Room Audio - its good to check "Room Audio" under Options so you can hear sounds that will notify you of certain actions
  • Sound On Enter - under Options you can turn on a sound when someone new enters the room; this is great if you just have the room open while you are doing other stuff; it's a two-step process - first, you set the option to "ON" at the top of the drop-down list, then you select the sound you want to hear from the drop-down list
  • Sound On Exit - same as above except it is the sound when someone leaves the room (you want it to be different than the "Enter" or "New Text" sound)
  • Sound On New Text - same as above except it is the sound when a new message is posted
  • Message Length - each message is limited to 200 characters; if you go over that, you will get a notice that your message was truncated; shorter messages help keep the conversation flowing
  • Number of Users - this chat room is limited to 25 users on at the same time; if there are already 25 when you arrive, you will go into a "waiting room"
  • "Lurkers" - to allow folks to get the opportunity to chat, inactive users (those that are just watching the conversations and not typing) that are logged in will be automatically dropped off after 30 minutes; "Lurking" is a great way to learn and we are not trying to discourage it, but we have to be certain there is room for those wishing to chat.
  • Recent History - under Actions, you can click Recent Room History which will show the conversations in the last 12 hours up to 100 messages; that helps you get caught up before jumping in if you wish
  • Private Chat - you can right-click any user name that is logged on to bring up a private chat window; you can chat privately and in the main room; you will get a sound notification when the person you are talking to privately replies
  • User Created Rooms - under Roam, users can create their own rooms to branch off and discuss specific topics separately; these user-created rooms disappear after everyone has left during that session, but a request can be made to make a particular topic a permanent room

    That takes care of a bunch of items. There are many more features, but that should get most everyone going.

    RV-Dreams.com Chat Room Code Of Conduct

    To start, we are leaving this chat room open to everyone. We will not be requiring passwords to participate. We will keep it that way as long as everyone complies with the following:
  • No profanity (profanity filter is on)
  • No vulgar or clearly offensive remarks
  • No rude, offensive, or abusive conversation
  • No racial comments of any kind
  • No political discussion

    It's pretty simple: Be nice, keep it clean, and don't say anything that you wouldn't say on national TV. :)

    Please report any violations of this Code to us, and we will take immediate action. We do have the ability to ban users and we will do so. If necessary, we will require passwords and profiles to discourage bad behavior.

    This Chat Room is protected by "Secure Encrytped Chat" for the technological security of our users and their systems. We cannot, however, completely guard against what people might say.

    We don't expect to have any problems, but we want our chat room visitors to know that we want them to have an enjoyable experience and we will do everything in our power to make that happen. Enjoy!